Did you know that 73% of Google employees find HR jobs meaningful?


What’s more, their employees have no issues with their compensation. In fact, even freshers are satisfied with the work culture of Google.


How  & Why HR?


Google provides facilities like a flexible work environment, telecommuting from work, they have a play area where employees can go relax and stress out when tired. Google’s workplace doesn’t feel like work, which is why their attrition rate is way less than other organisations.


No matter how many HR courses certification you have pursued or expertise you have, if you cannot keep your employees engaged, it’s of no use. So with this in mind, let’s discover the best, most impactful HR practices you can follow at your organisation.

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Most Valued HR Best Practices to Build Better Workplaces in 2022


HR Best Practice #1 –  Hiring the Right People


Productivity goes down the drain if the right people are not hired.


You can’t just hire anyone; the HR department must know who is fit for the job. Organisations all over the planet do their best to hire exceptional talent because they add value to their business. However, a structured and fair selection process is key. It must reflect every aspect from legal requirements to internal diversity goals.


But what are the metrics on which you can rate the candidates?

  • Their ability to do the job
  • Trainability quotient; and
  • Commitment to the work and the organisation



HR Best Practice #2 – Maintain A Happy Workspace


A Happy Workspace = A Productive Workforce


One of the best approaches to keeping employees determined to work is maintaining a safe, healthy, and happy atmosphere. After all, culture will eat your strategy for lunch if not maintained, said the father of modern management.


So create an environment wherein employees feel dedicated, but not lazy; productive but not overburdened.


To do this effectively, you can talk to the people who are affected by these activities – the employees. Seek their feedback through a questionnaire or survey. There are several other ways through which you can maintain a happy workspace. And you can learn all about them by pursuing credible HR courses certification.

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HR Best Practice #3 – Say No to Mushroom Management


Mushroom management is concerned with keeping your employees in the dark and feeding them garbage for information. This style of management has never worked, and it never will.


What does work is an open book management style wherein employees are kept in the loop and are fed transparent information. It is the key to effective cultural change delivering rapid improvements.


So your organisation must share company updates with the employees. This sends across a confident message that the organisation cares about their workforce, motivating employees towards achieving business goals.


HR Best Practice #4 – Follow The 360 -Degree Performance Management Feedback System


This type of system demands seeking feedback from employees, be it junior or senior. The performance management feedback system has been adopted and rated as the best, most feasible method for collecting performance feedback.


Every employee must be accountable for providing appropriate, constructive and positive feedback. And every HR professional must respect and analyse this feedback to make improvements in the way of management.


The benefits of pursuing a human resource certification course are plenty. So if you strive to understand people management, boost engagement, and embrace new trends, credible HR courses certification is ideal. One such online course that can enhance your credentials and help you embrace the latest trends of the domain is the executive MBA in HR from XLRI. Offered in collaboration with Talentedge, the executive MBA program from XLRI focuses on delivering quality content to aspiring and established HR professionals looking to advance their knowledge and skills.


HR Best Practice #5 – Rewards And Recognition


Recognising talent may not be enough; your organisation needs to couple it with public appreciation.


A job well done, a pat on the back or even a client appreciation email made public works wonders.


This makes the employees feel valued and appreciated, which results in job satisfaction and loyalty. Do you know what doesn’t work? Surprisingly, a cash bonus is less significant than listening to loud applause by colleagues.


As an HR professional, you can conduct an annual or bi-annual award ceremony wherein all the top performers from every domain are appreciated and are prized with a certificate or small token.


This can go a long way with the employees and may even put your organisation on the map of the best companies to work for.


HR Best Practice #6 – Employee Engagement


There are several areas of globalisation affecting HRM, but the most significant one is employee engagement. Human capital is and will always be the most important asset for any organisation. Companies realise this fact, which is why they are placing far more emphasis on employee engagement activities.


In fact, employee engagement is considered to be the “big cheese” of the corporate world.


It is not just a run-of-the-mill concept; it is THE concept to be followed. So whether you do it by rewarding them or providing them with a flexible work environment, employee engagement should be at the top of your HR best practice list.


If you strive to gain in-depth knowledge about this and every other best practice of HR, consider enrolling for the executive MBA in HR from XLRI. This course from XLRI not only helps you understand the fundamentals of HR but also how to use these to surpass the global HR standards.


Let’s Reiterate

  • Hire the best people, or the productivity goes down
  • Maintain a happy workspace, or the productivity goes down
  • Keep your employees engaged, or the productivity goes down


Yes, every HR best practice aims to improve productivity and ultimately lead to the organisation’s growth.


Now you the HR best practices, you know what works with employees and what doesn’t, and you know how to get your organisation in the race for the best companies to work for. A credible HR courses certification is all you need. The executive MBA in HR from XLRI is ideal for human resources professionals striving to initiate their careers or simply looking to upskill.



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