How many of your followers, customers or peers use a mobile device? Have you thought about how mobile can benefit your business? As more and more consumers are hooked to their smartphones and tabs, it’s time to adapt to this trend and be mobile-friendly.


Why Consider Mobile?

If you are thinking the mobile platform is meant only for big players, it’s time to change. Several medium-size and small-scale businesses are scrutinizing the mobile platform and making full use of it. Right from a local corner coffee shop to global players, companies are now ahead of the game to take their marketing to the next level.

Consumers are spending more time on their mobile now that ever. How much more? Facebook users are 68% mobile, Twitter users are 86% mobile and Pinterest users are 92% mobile. Given these numbers, it’s high time that businesses recognize the importance of catering to mobile device users.


So, buck up and tweak your social media appeal to mobile consumers. Here’s how:

  1. Design a mobile-friendly website or blog

Ensure that you have a responsive web design that enables your website to appear properly formatted and organized on various mobile devices. Have you checked to see if your online design elements are as beautiful on mobile as they are on the desktop?


Also, make sure your website’s load times are in sync with the customer’s expectations. Most of the smartphone users click away when the site does not load quickly enough. It would be good to reduce image dimensions, client-side processing and the number of files that need to be downloaded.


  1. Engage with Customers

Probably one of the biggest advantages of mobile devices is that they enable you to tailor the information based on the user’s location. Now, that’s one lucrative opportunity. Based on the user’s location, you can post targeted paid ads on Foursquare or Google in order to gain a greater reach.


  1. Enable Facebook Tabs to be Accessible

Facebook has become an integral part of digital marketing online. So, tap the Facebook mobile users by creating a robust user interface. Let your users not to waste their time to view or navigate through your Facebook tabs. Make it easy for mobile users to easily read and interact with your Facebook tabs.


  1. Create a Direct Marketing Channel

Another big benefit of the mobile platform is that all the information you want to provide your customers regarding sales or promotions is right at their fingertips. You can even enable push alerts so that your users can get updates in real-time.


Above all, it’s time to act smart now and shift your marketing and brand management campaigns to mobile users. Connect with your mobile followers and stay ahead of the race.

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