Web and social media are an integral part of marketing strategies today. They aren’t just an add on to the regular advertising, instead, in many cases they may be the chief source of advertising and marketing. Digital natives have ensured that marketers know exactly where to look for their customers. Increased digital footprint and the time spent on digital media has encouraged marketers to reach out to their consumers where they live. Digital media is interactive and hence, gives the customers a chance to connect directly with the brands whether it is to show love or resentment.


One of the great things about social media and the web is that all activities conducted here can be tracked in real time. This creates a great repository of data. Moreover, the internet is a place where the digital footprint of your consumer can be tracked and you have more than sufficient data to deduce consumer behavior from. While so much data may seem unwieldy, the advent of AI and data analytics over the past few years, especially the rise of AI and machine learning in 2019- 20, has made web and social media analytics a cakewalk.


If you are still wondering why you should indulge in this cakewalk then you have missed the point. Digital media is a major part of your marketing strategy, often leading to closing the deal. This means the data collected and analyzed is not just important, it is indispensable. The world is increasingly becoming reduced to computer and mobile screens. What your consumer does on those screens is what will lead you to a great marketing strategy.


With the use of data analytics one can determine essential facts that help in creating campaigns that are effective. For example, data analysis shows that consumers do not like to have to navigate too much to find what they are looking for. The three-click rule was established for this reason. Similarly, data analytics helps you find out the kind of products your consumer is most likely to buy and when. Using this realtime information, one can target the consumer with those exact products.


Employees are the next only to consumers and with changing times, companies are giving their employees as much importance as their customers. Employees are also human and thus, they are also consumers. Considering your employees your consumers can help build great marketing strategies. One of the HR-marketing strategies is to pitch the organization as an attractive place to work. With the help of web and social media analytics you can now know where you are likely to find the most suitable employees. You can cut through the chaff to directly reach such prospects. Thus, social media and web analytics is a facilitator for growth and innovation in business and hence, indispensable.


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