Business involves continuous selecting and hiring of the right people who can contribute to the growth of the organization. The primary responsibility of an HR recruiter is to hire the most suitable employees for new job positions within the organization and to retain them tactfully. In order to fulfil the company’s exact requirements, it is the job of the HR recruiter to develop and execute new recruitment strategies.

However, recruitment is a tough job. A recruiter is usually sandwiched between the expectations of organization and candidates. If you are aspiring to become a recruiter, it is pertinent that you know what roles you are expected to fulfill.

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Identifying Talent Needs that HR Recruiters must know 

Recruitment does not happen around the year. It has to be a tactful strategy that needs to be driven as per the organization’s talent requirements. Hence, a recruiter is expected to stay tuned for the developments in the company and regularly monitor if any potential job opportunities will arise. Doing this kind of estimate will save from last-minute hiring woes and recruiting the wrong fit.


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Prepare Job Description

After identifying the talent need, the next job is to prepare a job description. A company is always in search of the most desirable skills in employees who can prove an asset to their organization. It depends on the HR recruiter whether s/he is efficient to find the right person. A recruiter prepares a job description stating the education, experience, knowledge and skills required for the said position. This job description is then posted on various job portals and forums for candidates to understand their role.

If you want to learn more about the job description, you should check HR courses online for the same.


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Conduct Interviews, Background Screening and Orientation


Of course, this is the most obvious task of a recruiter! After shortlisting the candidates, recruiters can conduct interviews directly or with the help of representatives from the department for which hiring is being done. Once the candidates are selected for the job, the next step is to do a background verification to check their credibility. If there is no room for doubt, the candidate is given an onboarding letter and taken through job orientation.


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Build a Candidate Relationship


In order to get the best pool of candidates, recruiters need to be aware of the latest recruitment trends. They need to continuously network with potential employees through social media forums, job fairs, community programs and campus placement drives.

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HR certification programs wherein you will learn how HR recruiters work.


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Effective Hiring And Firing Tips For HR Recruiters 


A Human Resource manager is a professional responsible for the recruitment, development, and training of the employees; determine their salaries, benefits, and pensions, as well as the interest and safety of the staff in an organisation. The job of HR Manager can be bagged with the help of certified HR Management courses, thus assisting the professional in keeping up to date with the areas such as employment law as it is dynamic by nature and keeps changing from time to time. Capable individuals such as graduates of XLRI Human Resources Management courses often get the opportunity to work for large-scale organisations and enhance their skills with each day passing by.


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  • Target the Bigger Picture

Sometimes, the HR Managers start focusing on hiring the best people and forget about the best ones who exist in the organisation already. In order to solve this problem, the engagement of the current employees plays an essential role in the bigger picture.


  • Balance and Preserve the Passion

The HR Managers depict the rules and requirements of the organisation that is why they start appearing as distant and cold, most of the time. It is the time when HR Managers must perform activities to rediscover their passion. That drive of passion towards their work will influence the employees, thus getting better performance from them.


  • Take a Positive Approach Towards Communication

Each transformation in the organisation affects the employees, thus affecting the communication between them. A professional must carry out communication within the whole organisation.


  • Keep Close Tabs on All Employees

Employees must feel that the HR Manager is genuinely interested if there is any problem faced by any of the staff members. Personalisation is an essential trait of effective human resources management. As an HR manager, one must keep close tabs on all the activities performed by every employee in the organisation.


  • HR Recruiters Must Push the Employees Towards their Personal Goals

It is the job of the manager to keep a close and genuine interest in the lives of their employees so that if they are not performing well, the manager could push them towards their personal goals rather than inspiring them with generalised motivational talks.


  • Collaborating With all the Departments

The responsibility of an HR Manager is to select and support the appropriate employees for each department. For that, the professional must understand and analyse the individual needs and requirements of each department.


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To Sum It Up!

It is the responsibility of the Human Resources Manager to figure out whom to hire or fire according to the requirements of the organisation. The skills of a successful HR Manager can be enhanced with time or with the help of certified HR management courses, considerably
XLRI Human Resources Management coursesand thus, perform the best in the interest of the organisation. In order to get the work done effectively and efficiently, it is for the HR Manager to see which employee belongs to which department.



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