Attractive landing pages, eye-catching graphics, sophisticated look and feel – even after including all these elements on the website, it all finally comes down to the quality of content. Perhaps the trickiest and most time taking part in creating and maintaining a website is content management. For non-profit entities, their web portal and its content is the most important marketing tool and therefore, it is absolutely necessary to get it right.


A written content strategy will make act like a charter for the social media marketing for the non-profit. Though a digital marketing course can help you immensely with content creation, in the meantime let us tell you how to go about it!


Explain Your Purpose

Of course, you know what your non-profit does. But to convey that to your visitors in a meaningful and concise manner is the key. So, first list all important details, activities and objectives of your NGO and then build the content upon on it.


List Down Your Expectations from Visitors

As a non-profit, do you want visitors to volunteer, donate or help you in some other meaningful way? Make sure your content makes it very clear on how visitors can help you and how you can help them. For instance, the content on donation page would talk about various causes that the visitor can donate for and how it will help the beneficiary. However, the volunteer page will emphasize more on the time and efforts required from the volunteer.


Keep Simple Language

When we say keep it simple, it definitely covers the language. No one is interested in reading tiresome Victorian English words. So, use simple language that is easy to understand for any layman.


Create Content Themes

You can create weekly or monthly themes on issues that are the focal points of your non-profit organization. This gives you an opportunity to market and be in the eye of your audience on a regular basis. Such themes are very effective in making people understand what your organization is really about.


Refresh and Add

It is important that there are updates and new stories and news on your website. This will keep the visitors glued as they will look forward to something new every time they visit. A good way to do it is to have a blog and “what’s new” sections. The latter also throws light on your activities and let the world know how proactive your non-profit is to its causes.


If you want to take your content a notch up, it is advisable to go for an online digital marketing course.


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