Business case studies in academics or commentary on successful corporates in popular media are almost always obsessed with marketing or product innovation. There is little or no regard to the role HR plays in contributing to an organization’s success.  Behind the scenes, it is the HR that aligns the resources to the organizational strategy and determine practical ways to map competencies, motivate, train or realign resources to dynamic business requirements.


Amidst all this, hiring is just a starting point. Performance Management has become a critical cog in the wheel. It is not just a process that allows managers and employees to communicate expectations and outcomes, but more importantly, it yields essential data points HR leaders need to determine; such as, how well the organizational talent is aligned to organizational goals and objectives, and where deficiencies exist. Without those data points, HR leaders will be less able to predict outcomes and take proactive and corrective action through other talent-related processes like recruiting, training and development.


With this pressing need to equip HR workforce with expertise to effectively manage the workforce, XLRI Jamshedpur has launched an executive certificate program in Strategic Performance Management.

The program on Strategic Performance Management is a multi-functional program. It is targeted at executives with a minimum of 4 years of work experience, predominantly focusing on a leadership level and those in the process of preparing for such responsibilities. The content and the pedagogy of this program are oriented to expose the participants to:


  • The multi-dimensional nature of organizational performance challenges.
  • The pitfalls in trying to resolve problems using a uni-functional approach.
  • The processes of problem analysis that allow for the integration of multiple dimensions and crafting strategies to resolve such problems.


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