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Last date of application: 25/11/2020

Book Free 1 on 1 session with our counsellors

Last date of application: 25/11/2020

Get certified from XLRI

Opportunity to earn Certificate of Completion from XLRI on successful completion of the course

Learn Python, R and Excel hands-on

Hands on exposure to popular Business Analytics tools like Python, R and Excel

Work with data sets and generate business insights

Hands-on approach to data science to generate insights for businesses

Gain practical knowledge of tools

Completely oriented towards imparting practical and working knowledge of tools

Learn from the top faculty of XLRI

Lectures imparted by eminent faculty from XLRI and Industry experts

Competency in decoding the art of data science

Strip away all the distractions around data science – codes, tools, etc.

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  • Project Managers, Business Managers and Senior Leaders who have the responsibility to manage large data analytics/big data based projects and would like to gain an understanding of this domain
  • Young professionals and Managers who have little or no formal education in Business Analytics, but who now feel the need to embrace technologies which will help them generate insights from data
  • Executives with analytical aptitude who are interested in and want to learn Data Analytics through hands-on practice on popular tools
  • Individuals who aspire to switch or embark on a career in Business Analytics or Data Science
  • For Indian Residents: INR 1,00,000 + GST
  • For International Students: USD 2,000
  • Course Commencement: 27 Feb 2021
  • Duration: 7 Months
  • Schedule of Classes: Saturdays from 7.00 p.m. to 10.00 p.m. IST (3 hours)
  • For Indian Participants – Graduates (10+2+3) or Diploma Holders (only 10+2+3) from a recognized university (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government) in any discipline
  • For International Participants – Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institution in their respective country
  • Proficiency in English, spoken & written is mandatory


  • Mathematics as a subject up to Class XII
  • Familiarity with Python and R is desirable but not mandatory
  • Knowledge of basic programming concepts will be beneficial
  • This course is entirely hands-on, and so it is recommended, though not a necessity, that students have two devices – one to follow the lecture and the other for hands-on practice on Python and R (laptop/desktop)


The primary method of instruction will be through LIVE lectures that will be beamed online via Internet to student desktops/laptops or classrooms. The pedagogy will comprise lectures by XLRI faculty and will be taught with the help of presentations, exercises and general discussions. Being an applied course, most of the sessions will be conducted as a workshop. By the end of the course, the participants will be better able to use Python and R to build advanced financial models and perform exploratory and predictive analysis in Finance. All enrolled students will also be provided access to our SLIQ Cloud Campus through which students may access other learning aids, reference materials, assessments, projects and assignments as appropriate. Throughout the duration of the course, students will have the flexibility to reach out to the professors, real time during the class or offline via our SLIQ Cloud Campus to raise questions and clear doubts.


About Course

Businesses today are trying to engage with data science in one form or another. Unfortunately, only a few have been able to grasp the idea of what constitutes data science, let alone implement it usefully and profitably. This online course introduces its participants to the world of data science. The objective is to strip away all the distractions around data science – codes, tools, etc., and teach the techniques using practical cases that can be understood and appreciated by someone with an elementary knowledge of mathematics. This course uses a hands-on approach to data science, where participants get to work with data sets to generate insights for businesses.


  1. Introduction to Python
    • Installing Python and Jupyter Notebook
    • Basic data structures in Python
    • Writing Functions in Python
    • Looping in Python
    • Introduction to some of the most useful packages in Python


  1. Introduction to R
    • Basic Classes of R Objects
    • Working with Vectors, Matrices, Dataframes
    • Advanced functions in R
    • Looping in R
    • Writing functions in R
    • An introduction to data analytics in R
    • Basic differences between R and Python


  1. Introduction to Excel
    • Working with Functions – VLOOKUP, MATCH, INDEX, OFFSET, INDIRECT, etc.
    • Solver


  1. Data Wrangling in Python and R
    • Managing missing data
    • Managing outliers
    • Removing duplicate rows
    • Making data Tidy


  1. Data Visualization using Tableau


  1. Introduction to Linear Algebra and Calculus


  1. Introduction to Statistics
    • Types of Data
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Sampling Distributions
    • Type I and Type II Errors


  1. Market Basket Analysis
    • Implementing Apriori algorithm in Excel and R
    • Calculating Lift


  1. Customer Segmentation: Cluster Analysis
    • K-means Clustering in Python/R
    • Generating Insights from the Clusters
    • Implementing Spherical K-means Clustering Using Python and R


  1. Predicting Employee Churn
    • Data science in HR
    • Predicting employee turnover
    • Evaluating employee turnover models
    • Choosing the best turnover model


  1. Data Visualization
    • Data Visualization Principles
    • Visualizing relative performance
    • Visualizing qualitative and quantitative data
    • Data Visualization in Excel, R and Python


  1. Classification Techniques
    • Naïve Bayesian Classifier
    • Learning Bayes Rule to Create an AI Model


  1. Regression
    • Training Linear Regression Models
    • Statistical Significance of Models
    • Evaluating Model Performance
    • Logistic Regression
    • Comparing Models with ROC curves
    • Implementing Models using Python and R


  1. Forecasting
    • Simple Exponential Smoothing
    • Holt’s Trend Corrected Exponential Smoothing
    • Holt-Winter’s Method
    • Prediction Intervals Using Monte Carlo Simulation
    • Graphing Predictions Using Fan Cart
    • Implementing Models using Python and R


About Institute

XLRI is one of India’s leading management school based in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. Established in 1949 as the Xavier Labor Relations Institute, by Fr. Quinn Enright, XLRI is acknowledged as India’s oldest business management school.

XLRI with its single vision of Magis, i.e., pursuit of excellence, focuses on three areas: academic excellence, personal values and social concern. XLRI spares no effort to make its curriculum world-class and deliver it in the most effective manner. It constantly scans the developments in business and in society and tries to pro-act to meet the challenges. Its world-class faculty with its commitment and a deep sense of service delivers the curriculum very effectively.

Consistently being acknowledged as the Best “HR Course” in Asia–Pacific, it has also been recognized for its research acumen by the London Business School and is ranked among top 5 research schools in India cutting across management and technical institutes. For more details, visit

XLRI features consistently among the top 5 business schools of the country. In 2012 XLRI was ranked No. 4 among top 75 B-schools in India across Private and Government sector by Outlook India. Among other rankings, it was ranked #5 by the 2012 edition of CNBC-TV18′ s Top B-Schools in India, #4 by the Business Today 50 best business schools of 2012, #3 by Business World B Schools Unplugged.

About Talentedge

Talentedge is an Ed-Tech firm. We are the first to bring ‘Live & Interactive’ anywhere learning in digital format. Jointly with world’s leading institutes and corporates, we offer courses to working professionals, enabling them to plan their future course of action and fast track their careers. We also partner with top Indian & International institutes including IIMs, XLRI, MICA, Jack Welch Management Institute (JWMI), London School of Business & Finance (LSBF) and also with top corporate names like Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) and others. Our ability to re-create classroom-type interactions in the virtual world has struck a chord with over 3,00,000 individuals and corporate learners. By bringing eminent subject experts into online education, we initiate industry relevant learning. We are also one of the first Ed-Tech organizations to be credited with an ISO 9001:2008 certification.


Prof. Pitabas Mohanty

Fellow (IIM Bangalore), CFA (ICFAI), CWA, Fulbright Fellow (Stern School of Business, New York University)

Prof. Pitabas Mohanty is a Fellow of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. He was a Senior Visiting Scholar at Stern School of Business, New York University in 2009-10. A Gold Medalist in MA (Applied Economics), he is also a Chartered Financial Analyst and a cost accountant.

He has got more than twenty years of teaching experience in Investments and Corporate Finance. He has conducted numerous training programs for companies in India and abroad including companies from Dubai, Qatar, and Kuwait in areas like Company Valuation and Financial Modeling. He is the co-author of books on ‘Investments’ and ‘Principles of Corporate Finance’ published by the McGraw Hill Education. He is actively into research in corporate finance and investments with many publications in books and referred journals. He has consulted a few companies in their valuation. He has won numerous awards at various research conferences.

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