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Brand Sales & Marketing , Digital Marketing

  • 8-12 LPA

    Average salary in this domain

  • 5000+

    Jobs open every year in this domain

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Enrolment closes on 25 Nov, 2021

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Enrolment closes on 25 Nov, 2021

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About this course

Embark on the Journey of Success in the Domain of Digital Marketing with MICA

The Advanced Certificate Program In Digital Marketing, from MICA, has been designed with an objective to familiarize participants with key aspects of digital marketing. The participants are expected to gain working knowledge in the digital marketing domain and develop an understanding of the framework within online marketing businesses and its operations.

Live sessions by the faculty facilitate one-on-one interactions to help learners resolve all their queries, as against isolated learning in recorded sessions. Our dedicated student support team guides you through the course and a tech support team is available live during sessions for seamless learning. Join the hands-on learning experience with case studies, projects and simulations along with expert faculty from MICA.

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Embark on the Journey of Success in the Domain of Digital Marketing with MICA

The Advanced Certificate Program In Digital Marketing, from MICA, has been designed with an objective to familiarize participants with key aspects of digital marketing. The participants are expected to gain working knowledge in the digital marketing domain and develop an... Read More

  • 4.5 Months Saturdays & Sundays from 7.30 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. IST (1.5 hours)

  • 21 Nov, 2021 Start Date

  • Batch 9

Get a deeper understanding of

  • Online Market Businesses
  • Display Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing Tools
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Key skills you’ll learn

  • Digital Marketing
  • Communications
  • Analytical skills
  • Social Media skills
  • E-mail marketing

Benefits for All Students

Earn an Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing & Alumni Status from MICA

Live tutored classes, not recorded sessions, from eminent faculty of MICA

Project based on industry case study that takes the student through the complete digital campaign planning process

Gain deeper understanding of the Why, What and How of leveraging various Digital Marketing channels

Hands-on practice on Digital Marketing Tools (across various channels) to move rapidly and profitably against competition

Earn an Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing & Alumni Status from MICA

Live tutored classes, not recorded sessions, from eminent faculty of MICA

Project based on industry case study that takes the student through the complete digital campaign planning process

Gain deeper understanding of the Why, What and How of leveraging various Digital Marketing channels

Hands-on practice on Digital Marketing Tools (across various channels) to move rapidly and profitably against competition

Are You Eligible?

Are You Eligible


  • For Indian Participants – Graduates (10+2+3) from a recognized university (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government) in any discipline
  • For International Participants – Graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized University or Institution in their respective country
  • Proficiency in English, spoken and written, is mandatory

Work Experience

  • For Indian and International Participants – Interns or Working professionals


Syllabus at a Glance

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    Projects &
    Team Activities

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    Graded Tests &


  • Live & interactive digital learning
  • Learn through real-life examples/case studies
  • Access to our SLIQ cloud campus
  • Debate and discussions

How your
work will be graded

A minimum of 70% attendance to the LIVE lectures is a prerequisite for the successful completion of this course.

There may be periodic evaluations built in through the duration of the course. These may be in the form of a quiz, assignment, project or other objective/subjective assessments as relevant and applicable to the course.

On the payment of all due fees and the successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded an Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing Course by MICA.

A minimum of 70% attendance to the LIVE lectures is a prerequisite for the successful completion of this course.

There may be periodic evaluations built in through the duration of the course. These may be in the form of a quiz, assignment, project or other objective/subjective assessments as relevant and applicable to the course.

On the payment of all due fees and the successful completion of the course, participants will be awarded an Advanced Certificate in Digital Marketing Course by MICA.

Learn from the Best Faculty

About The Institute


Established in 1991, MICA is the first residential institute in the country, and perhaps in the Asia- Pacific region, dedicated to meeting the integrated marketing communication needs of the industry, government and community.

The institute provides specialists in the field of communications management. Its spirit lies in its grasping of contemporariness, addressing the needs of an ever-changing environment. The MICA brand assures the delivery of current, reliable and cost-effective communication management skills. Today, MICA is the alma mater of professionals serving in marketing, marketing research, advertising, media and communications-driven businesses.

MICA is amongst the top ranked business schools in India and the very best for all marketing, brand management, media and communication related courses.

Fee Structure for

Instalment Schedule

Instalment 1
INR 30000 + GST Due by: 25 Nov, 2021
Instalment 1
USD 700 Due by: 25, Nov, 2021
Instalment 2
INR 20000 + GST Due by: 18 Nov, 2021
Instalment 2
USD 350 Due by: 18, Nov, 2021
Instalment 3
INR 30000 + GST Due by: 25 Jan, 2022
Instalment 3
USD 700 Due by: 25, Jan, 2022
Pay for Total Amount
INR 80000 + GST Due by: 25, Nov, 2021
Pay for Total Amount
USD 1750 Due by: 25, Nov, 2021

Financial Aid

To learn more about financing your course, visit the course Financial Resources Hub

Why Should You Join a Program Offered Through Talentedge?

  • 95% Completion Rate
  • 92% Satisfaction Score
  • Live & Interactive Digital Learning
  • Weekend Schedule
  • 78% Referability
  • Benefit from Talentedge’s Alumni Network
  • Practical/Hands-On Experiential Learning
  • Dedicated Student Support
  • Options for Loan Assistance

Program Starts Soon


Who is this program intended for?

MICA’s Advanced Program in Digital Marketing is intended for those who want to learn every aspect of digital marketing and establish a successful career in the same field. Participants could be interns who want to familiarize themselves with the key aspects of digital marketing, marketers who want to know how to market their product and services online, entrepreneurs who want to establish their business presence globally through digital marketing.

What are the highest paying jobs in digital marketing?

In today’s fast paced and tech-savvy world, digital marketing has become one of the most popular careers. Digital marketing got a big boost during the COVID-19 pandemic as every business wants to create an online presence. It is considered one of the fastest emerging fields and requires a huge number of digital marketing professionals. Here are some of the top careers in digital marketing: Digital Media Managers: They are also responsible for deciding the brand’s digital strategy and messaging. Pay-Per-Click Managers: They are responsible for handling various ad types, such as Google Display, Bing ads, and other paid search engine advertising. SEM/SEO Specialists: Their job role involves bringing the website to the top of the search engine result page. The SEO/SEM specialist is also one of the best digital marketing jobs in India. Content Strategist: They are responsible for creating content that grabs user attention. Their job also includes Conducting content audits, creating style guides, populating event calendars, curating high-quality content, developing compelling copies for the brand and so on. Social Media Marketers: This job role includes designing strategies to promote brands and implementing campaigns to boost audience engagement on social networking platforms.

Is a Digital Marketing career good for freshers?

With the advancement of technology almost every day, businesses across the industries irrespective of their size are turning towards digitization aggressively. This has opened immense opportunities for freshers in the field of digital marketing. If you have the chance to scroll through the prominent job posting websites, a large share of job postings seek for professionals is digital marketing. Moreover, India has become a hub for the digital revolution with the recent widening of the internet users base. With the penetration of the internet and smartphones across the country, we have witnessed an exponential growth in digital marketing in the past few years. Rightly trained digital marketers are high in demand and are drawing fat paycheques. If you are a fresher and want to establish a sound career in marketing, we will suggest you kickstart your career with digital marketing. Further, it is important to understand that you need to have the right training in digital marketing before you dive into an ocean of opportunities in the sector. Hence, we will suggest you against going for any course in digital marketing. Choose a course from a well-known institution that offers a rich learning experience to its students. Our Advanced Certificate Program in Digital Marketing from MICA is one such course that will give a big boost for your career.

How much can a fresher earn in digital marketing?

It depends on what skills you possess and various other factors such as the location of your job and the industry you wish to work in. A rightly trained digital marketer fresher can earn anywhere between INR 3 LPA to 4 LPA. Pursuing the right course from a renowned institution can help you fetch greater paycheques than the national salary average in digital marketing. Earn an Advanced Certificate Program in Digital Marketing from MICA, equip yourself with the right skills, and end up working for some of the top companies in India while earning a handsome salary. If you choose to go another way around —without any proper training in digital marketing. Either you will end up not finding a job or even if you get placed in a company, you probably will get underpaid more than most of your peers.

What benefits will I get after enrolling in this course?

After enrolling in this course, candidates will get several perks and benefits that will enhance their learning experience as well as their career. Following are the benefits of MICA’s Advanced Program in Digital Marketing: ● All enrolled students, who successfully complete the program will receive a certificate of completion in the Advanced Program in Digital Marketing from MICA, which is amongst the top-ranked business schools in India. ● On successful completion of the program, you’ll also qualify for MICA Alumni Status. ● You will gain an in-depth understanding of leveraging various digital marketing channels. ● LIVE sessions provide you a classroom-based learning experience. ● Learn from the best faculty of MICA that will teach you all aspects of digital marketing using interactive learning methodology. ● Opportunity to work on an industry-based project that takes you through the complete digital campaign planning process. ● Practical exposure to various digital marketing tools. ● Convenient class schedule for working professionals.

Will I get a hands-on learning experience?

Yes, the course focuses on providing rich and blended learning. Other than modules on theory —Business, Marketing & E-Marketing, Search Marketing, Display Advertising, Social Media & Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Web Analytics, you are going to participate in an end term project with the aim of providing hands-on experience while you pursue the course. In the end-term project, you are going to work on a project based on an industry case study where you will be able to bring together all the learnings from the course in a single project. This way, you will get a chance to master various digital marketing tools and techniques with such exhaustive hands-on practice.

What is the teaching methodology of this Digital Marketing course from MICA?

This Advanced Program in Digital Marketing from MICA follows an interactive pedagogy to ensure continuous student engagement during the program, and provide a classroom-based learning experience. The sessions will be delivered LIVE on Talentedge’s Live and Interactive learning platform. Students can attend the classes on their laptops/desktops from the comfort of their homes. The classes are scheduled as per the convenience of the working professionals. All students will also be given 24X7 access to Talentedge’s Cloud Campus where they can access their learning aids, study materials, reference materials, assessments, case studies and assignments etc.

How good is MICA as an Institute?

When it comes to marketing, MICA is a leading institution in India and has established itself as a ‘brand’ in the past 25 years. When you will add the Advanced Certification Program in Digital Marketing from MICA to your resume, it will help in enhancing your employability quotient along with boosting your career immediately —the biggest added advantage of pursuing this course.

What is the Class Schedule? I am a working professional and can’t attend classes on Weekdays.

Yes. the course is designed keeping in mind the needs of working professionals. Hence, the classes are scheduled at convenient timings for working professionals (Saturdays & Sundays from 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm IST).

What is the fee for the course and are there any installment schemes available?

For Indian Residents, it is INR 80,000+GST and for International Students it is USD 1750. You can pay the fees in three installments —INR 30,000+GST/USD 700 as the first installment, payable at the time of registration. The subsequent amount is payable in two installments of INR 20,000+GST/USD 350 and INR 30,000+GST/USD 700.

Why should I choose Talentedge for certification in Digital Marketing?

We, at Talentedge, believe in imparting best-in-class knowledge in the finest ways possible. All of the courses that we offer are in association with some of the eminent institutions in India. Moreover, our courses are offered at very competitive prices along with various added advantages. To sum up, below are the reasons why you should join courses offered by Talentedge: • Competitive course fee • Easy installment schedules • High completion and satisfaction score • Live and interactive courses • Dedicated student support • Live tech support • Learnings directly from eminent faculty and industry stalwarts • 24*7 access to Talentedge’s Cloud Campus comprising learning aids, study materials, reference materials, assessments, case studies, and assignments, etc. as per the requirement of the Course. Students can chat in real-time with the professors during the live class and also post all other Course-related queries offline on the Cloud Campus.

Why should I choose MICA amongst other options available?

In the past 25 years since it was founded, MICA has established itself as a ‘brand’ when it comes to strategic marketing and communications. From crafting the curriculum to online lectures and instructions, highly qualified faculty members from MICA take the lead to ensure a rich learning experience for the enrollees. • The Advanced Certificate Program in Digital Marketing from MICA offers live and interactive sessions as against boring recorded sessions • The institute offers an opportunity to be a part of the alumni network of MICA • MICA is known for ensuring blended learning so that you can gain maximum out of the course. Hence, hands-on practice on Digital Marketing Tools (across various channels) to move rapidly and profitably against the competition is offered in the course

The sidelines are not where you want to live your life.

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MICA Digital Marketing Course

The 21st-century marketing strategies are incomplete without going digital. It’s literally impossible to even imagine a successful ad campaign with no participation of the online marketing plans. From the biggest brands in the market to the local startups, every business entity takes the ladder of digital marketing to attain recognition as well as commercial success. This is one of the reasons behind the huge demand for digital marketers in today’s corporate sphere. Not only are they paid astoundingly, but also be in the decision-making body of a company.

If you are eying to land into this fascinating world of online promotion and strategy making, there is nothing better to begin with than a Digital Marketing course. We understand that working professionals will find it difficult to pursue the program along with their jobs. That’s why we have come up with the online set-up. In collaboration with MICA Ahmedabad, we, at Talentedge, bring you the best Digital Marketing course that will play the role of a catalyst in taking your career to a greater height. You can check out the course details below.


Digital Marketing Course Curriculum- 2022

The syllabus of the Digital Marketing course by MICA Ahmedabad has been divided into 7 modules, which discuss all aspects of the subject properly. As per various feedbacks from past students, this online course is among the most detailed and market-oriented in India. Let’s now talk about the curriculum modules individually and what’s in the store for candidates.

  • Business, Marketing & E-Marketing: This subject covers the fundamentals of Digital Marketing, along with its advantages over other mediums of advertising. The program also talks about how the digital medium holds a significant place in modern marketing plans. You will understand the concept of e-marketing and its application in detail.
  • Search Marketing: Online search marketing is an extremely important aspect of digital marketing. You will learn its basics, in addition to how organic and paid search results work. Some of the key topics that are discussed during the module are Google AdWords, Search Engine Optimization/Marketing, Ad Campaign, etc. You will also get the knowledge of keyword research and analysis for content ranking. Since setting up a Search Ad Campaign and On & Off Page Optimization are very crucial to making modern marketing a success, these topics also find a place in our MICA’s Digital Marketing course.
  • Display Advertising: Candidates get acquainted with the theory of display advertising and its relevance in today’s marketing strategy tactics. They will also delve deeper into the marketing ecosystem that consists of retargeting and dynamic retargeting. Additionally, it is an opportunity to learn how to set up a display ad campaign.
  • Social Media and Content Marketing: Social media is a parallel universe where over half of the global consumers reside. Keeping in mind its importance, we have included classes dedicated to various types of social media channels in our curriculum. The Digital Marketing course aims to let you master the art of building a robust social media strategy that includes storytelling on virtual platforms. In the Content Marketing section, we plan to give you a deeper understanding of social media ROI and social ad campaigns.
  • Email Marketing: Beginning with the basics of Email Marketing, candidates will acquire skills in preparing effective email content. MICA Ahmedabad’s experienced lecturers will help you become proficient in customer acquisition through emails and how to use the concept of A/B testing and its applications in email marketing. You will also be able to hone your skills in taking email marketing to a whole new level.
  • Mobile Marketing: In the 21st century, mobiles and smartphones have reached almost all corners of the world. Companies find it easy to promote their products and services on electronic mediums. Thus, in this module of the Digital Marketing course, candidates will learn about different forms of mobile marketing and how its environment works. App marketing and monetization are other facets of this course.
  • Web Analytics: Advertising on digital platforms is not the final step of marketing. A brand must analyze how its ads are performing. The basic knowledge in web analytics will be imparted during the program. You will be taught about the digital measurement landscape and its roles in setting up online advertisements. Google analytics and understanding various data optics are some of the key topics to be discussed under this subject.
  • Advanced Tutorial Classes: MICA Ahmedabad organizes at least 3 days of advanced tutorial classes in between different modules. The objective of these additional classes of the Digital Marketing course is to help teachers know how students are keeping up with the syllabus. In addition, this is a great opportunity for candidates to get a hang of various digital marketing strategies.
  • End Term Assignment: One of the best things about the 4.5-month course is the industry-based project completion in the end. This is extremely crucial for getting into the practical aspect of Digital Marketing and how it fares in today’s marketing world.

What are the 7 types of Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is one of the most diverse fields of study in modern times. With the growing success of this subject, thousands of aspirants have been seeking a career in this field. The best part is, a majority of them are all getting immense success. The basis of this tremendous popularity lies in the thorough knowledge of the 7 types of digital marketing, which we will discuss below.

  1. Content Marketing: “Content is the king.” The whole digital marketing strategy works on this theory. Content is the basic structural foundation of online sales techniques. From designing a website to creating an event’s agenda, everything is based on content marketing, calling which the mother of all marketing tools might not be wrong.
  2. Social Media Marketing:  Since we live in the era of social media, imagining a marketing strategy without it might be unfeasible. All major companies promote their brands, products, and services on various social media platforms in order to gain customers’ attention. This marketing style comes with the advantage of spotting the right audience. This is one of the reasons why Digital Marketing courses put a huge emphasis on social media marketing.
  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, allows your content to rank on various search engines at the top so that customers can find it easily. Many studies and researches have shown that 85-90% of web traffic comes from the pieces of content ranking on Google’s first page. If you are aiming to become a successful digital marketer, mastering the subject of SEO is a must.
  4. Pay per Click (PPC): The marketing strategy of Pay per Click is about paid advertisements and promotions on search engines. You must have noticed certain promoted links at the top of your search results. This is done through PPC, which forms a significant part in digital marketing. PPC links can also be found on YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  5. Mobile Marketing: A majority of the global population uses smartphones that are among the most popular means of marketing. In India, users spend an average of 3-4 hours a day on their smartphones. A large number of them have started to prefer shopping online. The Digital marketing course makes you read the minds of users and reach the products to potential customers. This is of course done through rigorous analytical practices.
  6. Audio & Video Marketing: As the name suggests, this form of marketing strategy uses audio and videos to help customers find products they are interested in. Various influencers, YouTubers, podcast makers, radio jockeys, etc. are consulted by companies and brands to promote them. You must have seen many YouTubers reviewing newly launched phones or podcasters suggesting some apps to use in between their programs. All these are part of audio & video marketing.
  7. Email Marketing: In the era of social media and mobile applications, email still is among the most influential modes of communication. This mode is often exploited by companies looking to promote their brands and products. Email marketing is based completely on analytics, which makes sure the promoted content finds the right set of users. Advertised links arrive in your inbox, creating a sense of urgency for the product or services, in the form of offers.

Top 4 skills you should possess for becoming a good Digital Marketing professional

  1. Digital Marketing: On the road to becoming a digital marketer, the one thing you must know is how to sell your product online. Although this is an amalgamation of various skillsets, one is expected to master them in order to succeed in the field.
  2. Communication Skills: One might argue that what has communication to do with something that is completely online. But the truth is, you should know the art of convincing your customers through online chats as well as on the phone.
  3. Analytical Skills: We have already understood the importance of analytics in digital marketing. Thus, you should be able to spot your target audience using this tool. You will acquire this skill during the online program.
  4. Social Media Skills: Understanding the working of various social media platforms is of great consequence when you are trying to upskill your digital marketing expertise.


Top 10 reasons to attend the Digital Marketing Course by MICA Ahmedabad

  1. The very first and foremost reason to attend the course lies in the fact that Digital Marketing is the future of marketing strategies. Landing into the domain gives you an edge over your colleagues when it comes to planning your career prospects for upcoming years.
  2. The Digital Marketing course by MICA Ahmedabad is considered among the best in India. Over the years, candidates attending this program have gained huge successes in some of the top companies across the globe.
  3. Personally as well as professionally, this course shapes you both ways. In the company of some of the top management educators, you get the opportunity to learn the basics of the online world and its applications among many other things.
  4. Talentedge’s dedicated student support team will be there to assist you throughout the program, while the technical support team lets you enjoy the classes hassle-free.
  5. MICA Ahmedabad’s Digital Marketing course is an amalgamation of practical and theoretical knowledge of the subject. Along with the textbook concepts, you will have the hands-on experience of applying them practically.
  6. Students who sign up for this course will get a proper understanding of various digital marketing tools.
  7. Along with getting a deeper knowledge of the online world, you will be able to hone your communication and analytical skills, which play a significant role in one’s career growth in any field.
  8. An advanced certificate will be provided by MICA Ahmedabad after the successful completion of this online Digital Marketing course, which also paves your way to a prestigious spot in the MICA alumni group. This degree and the experience you gain will be of great significance when it comes to giving a push to your career as a digital marketer.
  9. The highly learned faculty of MICA will be interacting with you in live tutored classes (not the recorded ones). This is a whole new and astonishing experience for those who aspire to learn from the best.
  10. You will have access to Talentedge’s SLIQ cloud campus after signing up for the course, which gives you an opportunity to learn through real-life examples and case studies. Live discussions and debates between students and teachers make our online course a pleasing educational journey.


Eligibility Criteria for Talentedge’s Digital Marketing Course by MICA Ahmedabad 

To attend this course, you need to have some work experience. Working professionals, as well as interns, are welcomed. Talking about educational degrees, Indian candidates must have been a graduate from a recognized university (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government) in any discipline.

For international participants, graduation or equivalent degree from any recognized university or institute in their respective country.

Additionally, your proficiency in English (spoken as well as written) is a must for attending the Digital Marketing course by MICA Ahmedabad.


FAQs on Digital Marketing Course


Q. Which certification is best for Digital Marketing? 

Ans: Digital Marketing is without the shadow of a doubt one of the most popular fields of study in today’s world. Since a majority of business marketing has shifted online, companies across the world are looking for professionals who have a deeper understanding of the subject. If you are really interested in becoming a digital marketer, Talentedge’s Advanced Certificate Program in Digital Marketing in collaboration with MICA Ahmedabad might be the best one. You can also consider XLRI’S Digital Marketing course for gaining in-depth knowledge and training of the subject. Since these courses are online, you can get a certification from the comfort of your home.

Q. How many years of course is Digital Marketing?

Ans: There is no such bar on the duration of a Digital Marketing course. It can be of a year or 6 months or 2 years also, depending on the institute. Most of the candidates choose courses that run for 5-6 months. If you are a working professional and are looking to attend a genuine Digital Marketing program, we have two fabulous options for you: MICA’s Advanced Certificate Program in Digital Marketing (4.5 months) and XLRI’s Executive Development Program in Digital Marketing (6 months).


Q. What kind of jobs are there in Digital Marketing?

And: In today’s world, Digital Marketing is of great consequence, which companies and brands understand well. Almost all organizations try to attract customers digitally through various techniques. For this, they spend a good deal of financial and human resources. A range of job opportunities is floating in the online marketing sphere. Some of the premier jobs available in Digital Marketing are:

  1. Content Managers and Strategists
  2. Digital Marketing Executives
  3. Social Media Marketing Specialists
  4. Email Marketing Specialists
  5. Web Development Executives
  6. Search Engine Optimization Experts
  7. Digital Analysts and AI Specialists

Q. Is Digital Marketing a good career?

Ans: The answer to this question is very much YES. Every other college graduate is aiming to be a digital marketing master, such as the popularity of this field. Also, there is no doubt about the fact that Digital Marketing is one of the most flourishing career fields, thanks to the 21st century’s internet boom. A brand can make its products and services reach customers within seconds through online marketing strategies. As a digital marketer, you can help a company grow exponentially through your expertise. All this requires is proper training and certification, which you can get from Talentedge.


Q. What are the benefits of Digital Marketing?

And: The benefits of Digital Marketing are multifarious. Promoting your products online is not just cheaper but also consumes fewer resources. Removing all forms of geographical boundaries, helps a brand go global within minutes. Companies use Digital Marketing to target the right audience by promoting their products and services at the correct spots and with the groups of people who are relevant. This also helps you track and analyze your results easily so that future strategies can be made effectively. Since online marketing tactics have higher engagement, a company can also win customer loyalty.


Q. What are the skills needed for Digital Marketing? 

Ans: Digital Marketing is quite a skill-based field. The very basic thing you need to have control over is the knowledge of the internet and its functioning. Second, social media plays a vital role in digital marketing, making its understanding key to the success of such professionals. You should know how to work on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Online advertisement. Basic designing skills, project leadership, etc. are some of the other aspects in which marketers should have a piece of deeper knowledge. So, before you kick-start your Digital Marketing career, make sure you have these skills or master them by signing up for Talentedge courses.

Q. Can I do Digital Marketing from home? 

Ans: Yes, you can do Digital Marketing from home. Many digital marketers are working from home and earning big in today’s time. In fact, some of the best minds from the Digital Marketing field rely on home duty, while others join big firms. Since the demand for work-from-home has been increasing day by day, it is worth noting professionals from this field get huge salary packages.

Q. What is MICA famous for? 

Ans: MICA Ahmedabad is one of India's premium Business schools. Established in 1991, the institute is dedicated to offering quality management education and creating future market leaders through marketing and strategic communication. The best thing about MICA lies in the fact that it addresses the needs of the modern world’s ever-transforming business environment. The Gujarat-based institute is also famous for nurturing candidates according to the contemporary market demands through effective delivery of marketing and communication solutions.

Q. Which institute is best for a Digital Marketing course?

Ans: India is home to some of the most prestigious colleges and institutes offering Digital Marketing courses. The best course for you is the one that fulfills your aspirations for the field. For example, a college pass out will be looking for a full-time course most probably, while a post-graduate might prefer a short-term program. Many working professionals in India go for online Digital Marketing programs, which make them continue with their jobs while attending the classes. Most of such classes take place on weekends.

Talentedge’s Advanced certificate program in Digital Marketing in collaboration with MICA Ahmedabad is among the most popular choices for office-goer candidates.

Q. What is the best website to learn Digital Marketing?

Ans: There are plenty of websites in India and across the globe from where you can learn the basics of Digital Marketing. However, if you are looking for the best portal to gain an in-depth knowledge of the matter, Talentedge is the one worth checking. In association with MICA Ahmedabad and XLRI Jamshedpur, Talentedge offers two Digital Marketing courses.


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