Referal Program

Refer your friends or colleagues to a course on Talentedge, and earn. And Hey! While you earn upto Rs. 15000* on every successful Referral, the Referee gets a discount too! It’s a win-win.

How It Works

Log on to your Student dashboard on Talentedge Website.

Simply log in and navigate to your student dashboard on and check out for Referral Offers on the page.

Refer your friends, family, and colleagues

Submit the name, email address, and mobile number of the person you want to refer.

Your referred person enrolls in the program

The moment your friend enrolls in a course, he/she will be entitled to a discount for the set amount. And you will receive the money according to the course they choose.

Referral Discount

Here, the table shows the discount your friend will receive and the amount you will get for every referral who enrolls in our online courses.

Total Fee Payable (Incl. GST) Referrer Referred
Upto and including ₹ 120000 ₹ 5000 ₹ 1000
> ₹ 120000 up to and inclusing ₹ 250000 ₹ 7000 ₹ 2000
> ₹ 250000 up to and inclusing ₹ 400000 ₹ 10000 ₹ 4000
> ₹ 400000 ₹ 15000 ₹ 5000

You Ask - We Tell

What is the process to refer my friends and associates?

Enter your registered email address and password to log in to the Talentedge website.

  • Go to the Student dashboard and look for Referral Offers.
  • Open the Referral Page, where you will find a form to submit the details of your friend or colleague.
  • The EGV cannot be exchanged for cash/cheque/credit notes/program fee discounts.
  • Once done, sit back and relax. Our team of experts will contact the referee and explain about the course and the entitled discount.

Will I instantly get rewards if my friend signs up?

Once your friend signs up on our website and purchases any course of their choice, you will be entitled to receive the reward after the successful payment of the referred person. The reward amount is different for every program. It will be adjusted in your last payment or can be given out to you in the form of vouchers after you have made the last payment against your course.

Is it necessary that my friend enrolls in a program for me to get the rewards?

It is required that the person you refer enrolls in a program through your invite for you to get the designated rewards.

What are the various ways for me to refer someone?

Invite a friend – Complete the form and submit it with the name, email address, and phone number of the person you wish to refer on your student dashboard.

You can also text, WhatsApp, or message on FB messenger the link to the course. This can again be found on the referral page linked with your student dashboard. Share the course page link with the person you want to refer. If they find the course relevant, they will themselves share their details on the course page.

Will my friend also get something for being referred?

Yes, your friend will get a discount on the amount of the course that they wish to pursue. The discount amount depends on the program they choose. It will be adjusted in their last payment or can be given out to them in the form of vouchers after they have made the last payment against their course.

*the referral bonus specified above is effective from March 1, 2022.

**in case of self referral for another course, the student will get only referrer cashback/voucher, and not the bonus entitled for the referred.

***Talentedge reserves the right to provide either a cashback on last payment or voucher, in case of successful referrals.

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