Is there anything in life which does not have its myths? Be it food, traditions, parenting, travel or for that matter even in digital marketing; there are misconceptions galore.

In spite of the importance of digital marketing in today’s business arena, there are so many misconceptions that are misleading. This is perhaps why many businesses are still apprehensive about adopting digital marketing strategy.

Here are the 6 common illusions & myths about digital marketing that ought to be clear.

Digital Marketing Myth no.1: It is not meant for small businesses

It is a common assumption that digital marketing is a part of only the biggies in the corporate world and that small business cannot utilize its benefits. On the contrary, digital marketing is so cost-effective that small business owners can easily switch from traditional marketing strategies to digital methods. It helps you to connect with customers (without a call centre). You can sell directly (without even a shop), and you can also analyze your customers’ choice (without hiring market research)!


Myth no.2: Digital marketing is another word for social media marketing

Nope! You can say that social media marketing is a subset of the whole set called digital marketing. Social media is a tool used in digital marketing, but it is not the only one. Right from mobile-friendly websites and SEO to PPC and email marketing, digital marketing uses a variety of tools to reach out to customers. If you are interested in building a digital marketnig strategy, you can search for a good digital marketing course in India.


Myth no.3: Digital marketing results cannot be tracked

Yet another misconception, it should be noted that efficient analytics make it easy to fathom how digital marketing is working for you. Google Analytics is easy to use and gives valuable information regarding how much your website is being visited and which media is working better to sell. Every marketing campaign that you launch via a digital medium can be tracked to details that you didn’t think was possible.


Myth no.4: Large website traffic needed

Digital marketing is effective more with quality than with quantity. So, even if your website doesn’t have a large visitor log, you just need the right audience who is interested in buying your product.


Myth no.5: Make your website, and it is done

Websites are a medium, but they work to attract customers only when you put fresh content. The scope of digital marketing goes beyond websites. It is a combination of various social media sites, algorithms and analytics.

With these misconceptions crushed, digital marketing is the key to a successful business. If you want to get more insight, digital marketing course in India should help.


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