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Why Work at Talentedge

Education plays in an individual’s success. No matter how old you are, you never stop learning. Our aim at Talentedge is to make this learning available to all, regardless of geographical boundaries, by integrating our domain expertise with technology to make learning available to all regardless of geographical boundaries throughout India. Our partners constitute the Ivy league institutions of our country. To give our learners the best learning experience, we associate with various industry leaders.

Our employees are motivated and encouraged to learn and grow within the organization. We are led by a team of young and energetic leaders who encourage innovation, creativity, risk taking ability and self-motivational attitude among all employees, across all levels.

We are an Ed-Tech company that is constantly growing, while transforming lives of many, many learners along the way. If you are the kind of person passionate about making a difference in the lives of others, come join us. Unlock your hidden potential in one of the most cohesive working environments of this industry, and grow with us in an unpredictable and multiple fold manner.


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