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A postgraduate degree in business management, a.k.a. MBA or PGDM, is one of the most coveted degrees for professionals around the globe, which enables them to enter the big leagues of the corporate game. Talentedge offers fully online MBA degrees from premier national and international institutes to professionals looking for postgraduate management education to fast-track their careers. You can now access world-class online MBA courses from anywhere on the planet with just a few clicks on your desktop, laptop, or smartphone.



Description Of MBA Courses


The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a globally recognized postgraduate degree that opens the doors to many Indian and international managerial jobs. Across the world, there are numerous online and offline programs providing MBA certification courses ranging from six months to two years.

Students have a wide range of options with regards to their major for this postgraduate degree. To get admitted to a reputed online or offline institution or university, candidates must have at least 50% marks in the qualifying examination, i.e. a bachelor’s degree from any background. Some colleges in India have a minimum qualifying score of 60%. After meeting the eligibility conditions, a candidate must appear for an entrance exam depending on their college choice. Many institutions do not require any entrance test as they admit students based on their graduation scores. Following the entrance test, a Group Discussion (GD) or Personal Interview (PI) is conducted to evaluate the candidate’s overall potential.

Talentedge will help you to become an international business leader by providing a global MBA degree. Our faculties have experience in conducting MBA courses global online and offline. Our comprehensive global MBA courses will enable you to master the skills required to coordinate with the distributors, suppliers, and plants. The knowledge will help you increase the efficiency of the daily operations, leading to a spike in the levels of customer satisfaction. Our online training programme ensures that you can receive an MBA International Relations business degree from any Indian city.

What is an MBA?

An MBA is a professional postgraduate degree that leads to lucrative careers in private and public sectors worldwide. Generally, the MBA course is conducted over a period of four semesters. Each semester lasts for six months. However, some international universities offer two and three-semester MBA courses as well.

The need for MBAs rose with the demand for highly skilled managers at the top-level of local and multinational companies. Today, students worldwide have access to offline and online global management courses that require full-time and part-time involvement, respectively. This certification will allow existing job-holders to see a promotion and freshers to start their careers in business administration or management with a competitive advantage. For becoming a successful MBA professional, you must possess interpersonal and intrapersonal skills along with problem-solving capabilities. There are online and offline ways of receiving an MBA degree course.

Our online global MBA programs are similar to offline full-time courses with the flexibility of studying from anywhere. Talentedge provides a comprehensive platform for virtual classes. It helps you complete a global one year MBA with the help of online resources, video classes, doubt solving sessions, and e-books. It equips your mind with the market-essential business knowledge while providing an opportunity to form global connections. A postgraduate with the international online MBA degree offered by Talentedge is qualified to become a Global Management Consultant, Global Supply Chain Manager, or Multinational Marketing Manager. But, two courses help you in achieving this professional expertise.

How is the Business Landscape Continually Evolving?

With the introduction and advancement of technology, the business landscape currently is much different from where it was three years ago. Politics, the Covid pandemic, unemployment, and tuition costs have had a massive impact on the way businesses operate.
Globalization has also contributed to the paradigm changes in business fundamentals. Today, companies are responsible for environmental protection while being accountable for political and social complications.

The MBA curriculum is updated frequently to accommodate the changes in this business landscape. Students learn about green aspects, the importance of stakeholders’ and stockholders’ opinions, and the impact of technological changes. Through an in-depth understanding of these matters, students reflect and lead the generational changes in the business world with their innovation and skills.

An MBA curriculum involves specializations that help students focus on specific industry demands. As the understanding of technology developments is essential for studying the dynamics of any industry, leading MBA courses have included them as a part of their syllabus. There are dedicated MBA specializations for Business Analytics, Big data, Technology Entrepreneurship, and Machine Intelligence.

Similarly, the increasing demand for FinTech courses has led to the ‘Introduction of Blockchain’ as a specialization. Students can also take up top global executive MBA programs to learn about the operations of multinational companies.

Depending on the requirements of the candidates, there are four types of MBA degrees in the world. They are explained in the following section.

Types of MBA

MBA is one of the few degree programs that help students learn hard and soft skills simultaneously. Earlier, MBA courses were only conducted for a duration of four semesters; with a summer internship program between the second and third semesters. Today, there are multiple types of MBA global leadership programs in different Indian cities.

Listed below are the types of MBA programs in India:


Working professionals, who desire a career advancement without leaving their current jobs, could sign up for a part-time management course. Unlike the traditional full-time MBA courses, the curriculum of this certification is shorter and incomplete. By attending weekend or evening classes, you can get an MBA in international business degree. This could help you get a promotion at your organisation.

The average annual salary of a part-time MBA postgraduate ranges between Rs 6,00,000 and Rs 24,00,000 per annum, while the average fees for the entire course are Rs 8,00,000 to Rs 22,00,000. You can work as a Global Business Analyst, Global Operations Manager, Global Business Development Manager, or Global Supply Chain Manager depending on your specialization. In India, top institutes such as the Delhi University, IIFT, IIM, and FMS offer recognized part-time MBA courses that are conducted for a duration of about two to three years.


International Online MBA courses are popular as they are conducted for a shorter duration than the traditional course. Students can study within the comfort of their homes or any environment with a stable internet connection. Working professionals could also take up these courses. This is because the course does not compel the students to visit the centers physically. One needn’t bear the cost of accommodation and relocation in the long run.

Online MBAs are often for a duration of one or two years. Graduates from any specialization are admitted based on their graduation scores or entrance exam results. To be eligible for admission to the best online MBA institution, you must score well in entrance exams such as CAT, SNAP, GMAT, MAT, XAP, and GMAT. Upon the completion of the global MBA degree in any city, you can become a General Operations Manager, Quality Analyst, Global Logistics Engineer, or Vice President of Operations in a company.


Distance MBA is another popular form of MBA certification. Open universities like NMIMS, Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU), and School of Open Learning Delhi University (SOL DU) are the top distance learning centers in India. Students who fail to meet the minimum scores of entrance examinations like XAT, CAT, and MAT often opt for distance education to continue their education without a year gap.

Distance MBA is a two-year-long program. Students must clear the relevant entrance examinations before seeking admission to a distance MBA university. The average annual salary of a Distance MBA postgraduate is INR 2,00,000 to INR 10,00,000 per annum. The career opportunities include domains like Business Management, HR Management, Marketing, Sales, Digital Marketing, Finance and many more.


You can attend an on-campus MBA course at any point in time. The cut-off scores for on-campus full-time MBA courses are generally higher than the part-time courses. Even the average salary of a full-time MBA postgraduate is higher than that of those who pursue part-time MBA programs. A final year graduation student can also apply for a full-time MBA course, but they would have to provide their graduation certificate within a stipulated period specified by the university.

MBA Global business courses by Talentedge are conducted by one of the leading international universities in the online format. Learn the benefits of becoming a Talentedge MBA postgraduate in the next section.

Benefits of Pursuing MBA

Are you wondering about the benefits of an online MBA degree? Check out the following list before enrolling for an online MBA course:

● You become a postgraduate within a year.
● As the course is conducted online, it can be attended while working at your current organisation.
● The value of the degree is equivalent to that of a full-time course.
● When compared with an on-campus learning model, online MBAs cost less.
● You receive professional guidance from experts at international universities.
● Some programs are conducted at a flexible pace depending on the demands of your batch mates.

Now, here are the benefits of a global MBA degree.

● The certification allows you to learn about international business through a curriculum that fits the needs of global markets
● Some common specializations of global MBA courses are Contemporary Marketing Management, Technology Management, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Consulting Management, and Global Finance. They are highly valued internationally.
● The course helps you acquire industry-oriented learning experiences with an emphasis on innovation.
● A global MBA degree expands your knowledge regarding manufacturing, business, international operations, and development.
● You get an international perspective on everyday business matters.
● It helps with better assessment and management of risks to reduce costs, and in case of sudden, unavoidable losses, it helps generate corrective solutions for recovering the losses.
● Your knowledge helps establish the company’s strong relationship with international clients and partners.
● It provides you with an opportunity to connect with people from different cultural backgrounds.
● The course trains you to overcome real-world complications in various industries with the help of case studies. It helps you in understanding the importance of business values in forming new partnerships and strengthening the existing ones.
● With practical training, you can start your own business or help a startup reach new heights of financial success
● The course teaches you the key skills for keeping your business on track with the future business environment.
● The starting salary of global MBA graduates is higher than other MBA graduates because you are exposed to international methods of business operations in the course.
● The knowledge provided by the course helps in increasing your efficiency at work.

Are these benefits the same for an online and on-campus MBA course? Let’s learn about it in the following section.

MBA Admission Criteria

If you wish to apply for an online MBA program on Talentedge, you must meet the following eligibility conditions of the American Intercontinental University (AIU).

● The candidate must be a graduate with 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 years of education from a recognized university like UGC/AIU/AICTE/State Government/DEC in any field of specialization.
● The graduate must obtain a cumulative grade point of 2.0 on a scale of 4.0 or 5.0 on a scale of 10.0.

Students are admitted based on their graduation scores. GMAT scores are not essential for seeking admission. The course duration is one year with 48 credit hours. Candidates can choose one out of the following course specializations:

Healthcare Management
● Finance
● Marketing
Operations Management
● Global MBA
● Project Management
● Supply Chain Management
Human Resource Management
● Management
● Technology Management

The application process for the global MBA is as follows:

● Complete your application form by paying a registration fee of Rs. 27,000. This amount is refundable in case of non-admission from the university’s end.
● Upload a copy of your 12th Board exams scores, graduation mark sheets, IELTS or TOEFL score, ID proof issued by the government, experience certificate (if applicable), a passport-sized picture, Relieving letter (if applicable), and joining letter of the current job along with the previous month’s salary slip (if applicable).

The university will review your application form and the uploaded documents after the submission of the form. If selected, the university will send an intimation regarding the same. After selection, students will have to pay the remaining fees of Rs. 3 lakh, excluding GST. This fee is non-refundable. The students will receive the login credentials and commencement date on successful payment.

Best MBA Colleges in India

Here are the best MBA colleges in India for international MBA and other specializations.

● IIM Ahmedabad
● IIM Calcutta
● IIM Bangalore
IIM Lucknow
● IIM Calcutta
IIM Kozhikode
● NITIE Mumbai
● FMS Delhi
● IIT Delhi
IIM Raipur


Best MBA Colleges Abroad

Here is the list of popular MBA colleges for getting an international MBA degree across the world.

● Kellogg School of Management, USA
● American InterContinental University, USA
● Anderson School of Business, USA
● Sobey School of Business, Canada
● Lazaridis School of Business and Economics, Canada
● Australian National University, Australia
● Melbourne Business School, Australia
● Macquarie Graduate School of Management, Australia

To be eligible for an on-campus admission to international MBA courses, a candidate must have a bachelor’s degree from any field of specialization along with work experience of three to five years. Additionally, you must also be proficient in the language of the country you wish to study in. GMAT scores are the basic requirement for those seeking admissions in international universities for MBA. You might have to go through separate entrance tests to prove your merit, depending upon the university of your choice. Once you clear the tests, the university will conduct a personal interview to assess your capabilities.

American InterContinental University

The American InterContinental University (AIU) is a prestigious university ranked as the best online MBA university from 2017 to 2019. The university has been admitting online students from all over the world and offline students in Houston and Atlanta, USA, for Masters in Business Administration courses. With over 50 years of experience in teaching, the university recruits top executives from international companies to teach their postgraduate students. The curriculum is updated frequently by these experts to meet the changing requirements of the industry.

Career Opportunities After Completing MBA

Upon completing an international MBA, you will be able to communicate effectively in any business situation. It will strengthen your knowledge of economic principles to evaluate economic opportunities for your company. As an MBA graduate, the career opportunities listed below will open up for you at a multinational level.

● Finance Advisor who gives capital management and investment advice to companies or individuals
● Business Development Manager who contributes to the growth of a company by making lucrative collaborations and increasing sales
● Business Analyst who makes critical business decisions with the use of data analytics
● Investment Banker who helps a company in expanding their business and raising capital
● Marketing Manager who increases the sales of the products and services offered by the company
● HR Manager who ensures the recruitment of efficient candidates and increases the rate of employee satisfaction in the company
● Sales Manager who focuses on increasing direct sales by encouraging salespeople to meet their targets
● Business Consultant who provides consultation on almost every business matter with their experience in the industry
● Project Manager who manages the development and execution of a particular project
● Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
● Management Consultant who analyzes the existing problems in a company and helps them in improving efficiency
● Administrative Manager who is responsible for the smooth operations of a business in a structured manner


FAQs on MBA 


Q. How Good is an MBA from AIU?

Ans- If you are searching for the best distance MBA in the world, an MBA from American InterContinental University is an ideal option for you. Founded in 1970, AIU started its operations in Europe to offer technical and practical expertise to students, unlike the traditionally offered theoretical knowledge. With the right blend of theory and practical, the curriculum ensures the student's overall learning according to the leading industry practices. Thousands of students across the world have leveraged the professional benefits offered by AIU's degree programs. These students went on to receive promotions in their existing job or a career switch with a salary hike after completing their degrees.

The MBA International Business course taught by the professionals of AIU is reviewed to be student-centric. The faculties appointed by AIU are believed to be compassionate and flexible to their individual pace and learning requirements. Regardless of the size of the batch, experienced professors ensure every student's learning by paying close attention to the trend in the scores and designing unique learning methods to teach effectively. The university provides a specially designed curriculum for different specializations like Education, Information Technology, Criminal Justice, Design, Business, and Healthcare Management. In addition to the online teachings provided through Talentedge, AIU provides on-campus education in Houston and Atlanta.


Q. What is the fee for AIU’s MBA?

Ans- The fee for the distance MBA in International Business and an online degree in other business specializations from AIU is Rs. 3 lakh, excluding GST. Through this course, you will be learning from the top professors of an award-winning international university with an intercontinental expanse. Within 12 months, the course will teach you the skills required to be a global MBA graduate with job opportunities from different countries across the world. Apart from your subject specialization, the course will help you explore complex topics like international trade, licensing property, employment, strategies for conflict resolution, and international investment through discussions and practical examples.


During the course, you will learn the process of developing plans for improving business operations. The faculties at AIU are experienced academicians in business and former executives of multinational companies. They will delve into the depth of the elaborate curriculum that teaches you the research principles (concerning business cases). With this knowledge, you will be seamlessly evaluating the quality of business research based on the taught principles. In this 12-months-long course, you will be graded for 48 credit hours. This score will help you in scoring a job at the top multinational companies around the world.


Q. What are the Specializations offered by AIU?

Ans. AIU offers the following MBA specializations:

  • Healthcare Management
  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Project Management
  • Global or International MBA
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management
  • Technology Management

American InterContinental University designs its curriculum to fit the dynamic requirements of the business world. The traditional theory-based learning pattern has proven to be practically redundant across various industries, with degree holders getting rejected at job interviews. When a student invests their time and money into a professional course, it is done with the expectation of getting a salary hike or career advancement. AIU understands the requirements of the students, and the faculties do their best to ensure a student's graduation with the best scores.

An online MBA program by AIU is flexible, and the course concludes within a span of 12 months. There might be many topics which you already know; the online platform allows you to skip such content to utilize your time in learning the complex topics. If you face any complications during the online courses, the 24/7 technical support team will always be at service to resolve your problems. If you are stuck with a problem, head on to the university's online library to find the relevant books or resources for supporting your study.


Q. What are the Accreditations of an MBA from AIU?

Ans- The online MBA program by American InterContinental University has been accredited by ACBSP (Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs). For three consecutive years (2017-19), the 12-months MBA degree offered by the university had been ranked as one of the Best Online Programs in the report by the US News and World. The credit for this performance goes to the experienced faculty at AIU. They help the students in practically understanding every complex topic in a subject. If required, they assist the students in professional and personal projects and research relating to their specializations.

As many of the professors at AIU are former or current top-level executives in the leading international companies, they help the students understand the industry's current trends while teaching them the tips and tricks to making it big in their profession.

If eligible, AIU provides students with an opportunity to transfer their credits from the qualifying examination to the online MBA program. The university makes it easier for students to get good scores by providing credit for work experience and prior learning.


Q. Should I do an Online MBA, or Should I go for an On-Campus MBA?

Ans- Many factors decide the correctness of a certain type of MBA course for an individual. If you’re applying for an international MBA in India or any other MBA specialization, consider the following factors while making your decision between an online or on-campus MBA.

  • Career Goals: Professionals who have been working at their current job for many years might feel stuck after some time. To get a boost in your career without having to sacrifice your current job, you must opt for an online MBA course. It helps you in completing your course within a short time with flexibility in assignments and project submissions.

However, people looking for a change in their career field must opt for an on-campus course. They must have the time and ability to invest in full-time education for two years in India. Also, many universities have an age limit for MBA courses; only the ones eligible are admitted to the course of their choice.

  • Needs: Not every online MBA course provides the versatility and industry-specific knowledge compared to an on-campus course. You must ensure that the course syllabus covers the major offerings of a full-time MBA course before enrolling.


Q. Why Should I enroll in an MBA from Talentedge?

Ans- Talentedge is a one-stop destination for accessing global MBA courses from the leading international universities. We provide the largest number of resources for completing your higher education. Our live and interactive digital learning platform ensures seamless access to the resources offered by American InterContinental University. Listed below are the advantages of pursuing an online MBA from Talentedge.


  • At Talentedge, you get the opportunity to shape and advance your career without quitting your current job.
  • The curriculum offered by AIU is similar to any regular full-time MBA course.
  • The concepts learned in your online MBA class can be applied to your current job the immediate next day after learning. This will strengthen your knowledge of the topic.
  • From the resources offered by AIU, you can get access to the leading websites and books on the subject of your specialization.


Upon completing your MBA online degree from Talentedge, you will get lucrative career benefits like a salary hike or promotions.


Q. Is an Online MBA accepted by Employers?

Ans- Online learning is selected by working professionals who wish to implement their knowledge at the workplace while learning. Today, online MBA programs are getting recognized by top business schools and HRs of top multinational companies. This is because the curriculum of the best online MBA courses is similar to the full-time ones.

A global MBA certificate from an online university is acknowledged all over the world if the course is fully accredited. The university must be registered and ranked as one of the best by a trusted authority. This is why you must thoroughly research your online university before enrolling in any course.

Employers understand the limitations faced by employees. They realize the dynamic business environment and the increasing expectations from them. In the current climate, employers are considering online education as a valid replacement for on-campus courses. Currently, many employers are even starting to consider online MBA graduates for promotions or new positions. This is because employers have already recruited many such graduates and seen their industry readiness through their performance. So, your online MBA will be recognized if you’ve received certification from the right b-school.


Do I have to take GMAT, CAT, etc. to enroll in Talentedge’s Online MBA programs?

Ans- Talentedge provides an all-inclusive learning opportunity for working professionals and students. Your graduation scores are only considered for seeking admission into top online MBA programs on Talentedge. You can directly start your learning process from the comfort of your home without the extra pressure to prepare for entrance tests such as GMAT, XAT, MAT, or CAT. 

To be eligible for an online MBA course from American InterContinental University, you must meet the criteria prescribed by the university authorities. Graduates in Science, Commerce, or Arts from a university recognized by UGC, AICTE, DEC, AIU, or State Government are eligible for seeking admission in AIU’s online MBA course. The candidates must also score a minimum of 50% marks in their graduation, 5.0 cumulative grade points on a scale of 10.0, or 2.0 cumulative grade points on a scale of 5.0. The students failing to meet these criteria will not be admitted to the university.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you must start filling out the university's online application form. With the application form, you must upload a copy of your 12th and graduation mark sheets, IELTS or TOEFL score, ID proof issued by the government, experience certificate (if applicable), a passport-sized picture, Relieving letter (if applicable), and Joining letter of the current job with the last month’s salary slip (if applicable).


Q. Does Talentedge offer placements to Online MBA students?

Ans- In partnership with AIU, Talentedge provides global and international MBA online certification for students learning on their platform. American InterContinental University is an internationally recognized educational institution with multiple awards in its name. It has been ranked as one of the best online MBA schools in a US report. The international reputation of this prestigious institution helps its students in landing jobs with high salaries after completing their education. Since the university was founded in 1970 in Europe, it has successfully taught thousands of graduates worldwide and helped them get placed at top-executive positions in local and multinational companies. Apart from their online courses, AIU also teaches on-campus courses to their students in Atlanta and Houston in the United States of America. These students also receive assistance from the placement cell of the university.

AIU helps its students in creating an effective resume that catches the attention of international employers. With the practical skills taught by professional teachers, students get an in-depth understanding of their subject. This helps them in getting the upper hand over their competitors in the industry. AIU offers multiple opportunities for placing their candidates through their in-house placement cell. They groom the candidates according to the industry demands and teach them how to crack the interviews of top international companies.


Q. What are the requirements for online MBA admission to AIU?

Ans- To be eligible for admission to the course offered by this prestigious university, applicants must have a bachelor's degree from a university accredited by any US institution or an internationally recognized institution by the respective national government. Students must have secured 50% marks in the qualifying examination. There is no requirement for GRE and GMAT entrance tests for securing a position in AIU's online MBA course. If you already have prior educational leverage, military, or work experience, you will be qualified for academic credit for your MBA specialization.

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