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Pursuing general management courses offer you a plethora of career options. General management courses give you a deep understanding of management, including the operational and functional components of a firm. Talentedge has collaborated with some of the renowned institutes from India and abroad to provide you with the best general management courses. Enroll in our general management courses to learn from the esteemed faculty and hone your skills. These general management courses will help you upskill and advance your career in no time. 



What is General Management?

General management involves overseeing almost every aspect that goes on in a company. General managers hold key positions across the firms ensuring their competitive success in today’s complex and ever-evolving global market. It can be defined as the responsibility of the people in managerial positions to enhance efficiency and increase the profitability of the firm while supervising its operations.

General managers are required almost everywhere, irrespective of the size and type of the organization. Be it governmental, non-governmental, for-profit, or not-for-profit organizations, general managers are key to the smooth functioning and growth of any organization. To succeed in the field of management, enroll in our general management course and advance your business-related skills.

Below is the list of six broad functions that general managers perform:

  1. Molding the workplace atmosphere
  2. Formulation of strategies
  3. Resource allocation
  4. Developing under-level managers and organization/team(s) building
  5. Supervising operations

1. Molding the Workplace Environment

General managers play a crucial role in shaping/reshaping the work environment of the organization they are working in. Molding the environment of the workplace irrespective of the size of the organization is a critical role that a general manager has to play. Harvard Business Review identifies three elements that shape the work environment of a company.

  • The prevailing performance standards that set the pace and quality of people’s efforts
  • The business concepts that define what the company is like and how it operates
  • The people concepts and values that prevail and define what it’s like to work there

The performance standards override the other two elements to determine the future course of a company as it defines how much effort people are willing to put in. Here, a general manager has the responsibility to set high standards that people working under him/her have to follow. If the standards are not clear or are low, the performance index goes down causing a serious toll on the output of the company. Hence, it is essential for general managers to exert their influence on the workforce through setting and practicing high standards. This will eventually help in establishing higher performance expectations not just for people under you and yourself, but for your successors as well. It is important to note here that you must inculcate realistic goals and not superficial or unrealistic ones.

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When it comes to business concepts of a firm, general managers already have a broad understanding of the field where they wish to engage and the way to become leaders by overcoming the cut-throat competition. Moreover, owing to the rapidly changing business environment, general managers today are constantly working towards molding the business concepts. Apply to our general management course to get a deeper understanding of business strategies. On people's concept, the aforementioned two elements play a pivotal role in shaping the third element. The general managers work on people's concepts by analyzing what kind of managers to hire to ensure effective execution of tasks and how to keep them motivated to perform optimally. A dynamic general manager will also be involved in determining the company’s values that are high on ethical and moral standards.

2. Formulation of Strategies

General managers are the ones who have the potential of maneuvering the whole organization towards a specific strategy. Moreover, they are the ones who not only formulate the strategies but actively participate in the efforts and processes involved. With the strategic vision that general managers have for a business, they take into account the competition, employees, as well as customers for achieving optimum performances. In this highly competitive and fast-moving world, businesses with obsolete strategies have low chances of survival. Hence, it is the responsibility of the general managers to ensure that better strategies are not only formed but implemented too to gain a competitive edge. IIM general management program offered by Talentedge provides you with an opportunity to learn almost every aspect of the business.

Consider a situation where you are a general manager of a decades-old successful company in supermarkets. Suddenly, with the emergence of digital technology, you are witnessing cut-throat competition and the business of your firm is adversely affected resulting in a steep decline in profits. Now, who is responsible for navigating the company out from the stormy waters? Here, general manager(s) will work towards enabling the firm’s survival and revival while on the shaky grounds induced by cutting-throat competition through their strategic vision. To prevent yourself from such situations enroll in our general management courses online and upskill yourself while continuing your current job.

To bring the company back on track as the market leader, the general manager will have to do a comprehensive analysis of the situation for formulating a dynamic and strategic road map. Although good general managers already have a detailed understanding of the history of the company and the market. If you haven’t, begin with understanding the background and conducting a situation audit. Later, while analyzing the overall micro and macro environment of the business, a general manager will have to begin with -what to do and how to do it. Before formulating the strategy, a general manager should run multiple analyses as they deem fit such as SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats), PEST (Political, Economical, Social, and Technical), STEER (Socio-cultural, Technical, Economic, Ecological, and Regulatory factors), and EPISTLES (Environment, Policial, Informatic, Social, Technical, Legal, Economic, and Spiritual) analyses.

What Michael Porter (an eminent academic in business strategy) wrote in 1980 on the formulation of competitive strategy is still relevant today. He said that the strategy must consider four elements:

  1. Company’s strengths and weaknesses
  2. Opportunities and threats in the market
  3. Personal values of general management
  4. Broader expectations of the society

This way, an effective general manager will formulate a strategic vision to pull the company back as the leader in the industry overcoming sharp competition.

3. Resource Allocation 

Allocation of resources is an essential element of the role that a general manager has to play. Resources are allocated to a project as a part of a plan to obtain the maximum out of the available resources. A good resource allocation strategy by general managers can help gain a competitive edge in their respective fields. Before we move forward, we must understand what resources really are. They can be anything that is required for the swift execution of the project --tools, equipment, funds, facilities, and rightly skilled people.

Before you allocate resources, you must analyze what sort of the project it is and what resources you will need for the successful execution of the project. Now, when you have identified the resources required, now you will have to decide how much of them is needed for the project. It is important to note that comprehensive planning is required for adequately allocating the right resources. It has been commonly observed that the managers will throw excessive funds and other resources of the company into the project that can be qualified as ‘wastages’.

An effective general manager will think like an owner. Hence, they will allocate resources adequately to gain a competitive advantage while averting projects that demand high investments and low returns. Apply for our general management course and learn budget management and allocation to prevent any excess expense and save more. While formulating resource allocation strategies, such general managers ought to take bold stances such as not infusing funds just to make key managers happy. General managers will allocate resources where they are more required and will provide greater returns. Hence, a holistic approach is always desired on the part of general managers to run things efficiently.

4. Developing Under-Level Managers

You can’t be a star performer alone. Hence, you should attract the right talent and should work towards training them quickly. Once the training process is done, they will understand yours’ as well as the goals and objectives of the company at large. It is important to note that keeping your managers engaged and challenged adequately is crucial. General managers have a key role to play here as they gradually place competent and skilled employees in critical positions. However, they avoid making any radical calls when it comes to transforming low-performing managers into high-performing ones.

To yield optimal performance, the general managers need to start from the top levels. Our general management course named as Professional Certificate Program in General Management from IIM Kozhikode provides knowledge about the changing roles and expectations of leadership to ensure that the implementation of transformational action is flawless from top to the bottom. Such a high standard of performance will eliminate blockages and remove the redundancy of functional hierarchies. Moreover, a general manager will have to involve all the under-level managers in such a transformational process based on action.

Moreover, a general manager should understand that rewards are linked to performance and the ones who perform better must be rewarded adequately. A good general manager enables paying more to good performers, even at the expense of paying lesser compensation to the average performers. It means that a good general manager is always ready to take the heat when it comes to encouraging high-performing managers from all ends.

This way, the general managers will enable organizational building through a continuous process of reorganization and decentralization. Achieving high standards for optimum performance by placing skilled and rightly trained managers at critical positions is crucial here. Such transformational actions enable quick and informed decision-making, better execution of plans, and cost reductions. Our IIM general management program provides you a deep understanding of accounting to make better decisions when it comes to finances. Moreover, the fewer layers of management, the broader are responsibilities of the managers. Good general managers focus on keeping things as simple as possible. 

5. Supervising Operations

General managers have to run the day-to-day operations of the organization. From inculcation of ideas to implementation, overlook almost every aspect of operations. As they are expected to be result-oriented, general managers know what’s in hand and what is to be done to fetch optimum results while keeping the cost as low as possible. A good general manager is expected to be ready for uncertainties and surprises that might occur due. Hence, they are flexible enough in their spendings to manage unexpected situations and hindrances. Enroll in our general management course to get deep insights into accounting and financial management.

Moreover, at a time when the organization is going through a serious downturn, a good general manager will make fast moves to settle the situation. These include a series of decisions such as cutting down costs by doing away with discretionary expenses and eliminating losses. The key is, the general managers have to understand and implement the cost functions in the nitty-gritty. They must know the cost dynamics with respect to the volume, controlling cost percentages, and lowering the cost.

Whether in crises or normal situations, good general managers will try to achieve excellence in every function. If they find certain function(s) not performing up to the mark, they don’t make peace with it. They will work towards making the weakened functions on par with the ones performing satisfactorily. They leverage information to gain a competitive advantage by identifying and eliminating problems at an early stage. As they know facts and figures better, they weigh over it to outperform competitors in the marketplace.

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General Management amid Industry 4.0

The recent digital revolution has evolved the business environment across the world to such an extent that these ‘generalists’ in top management levels sometimes find it difficult to cope up with such a rapid transformation. To keep yourself updated and stay competitive in the market, apply for our general management course today and learn about industry 4.0 and digitization. Along with altering business systems, it has dynamized the roles of general managers to a greater extent. However, it is important to note that the technology has and can continue to alter only the ‘how’ of general management. When it comes to ‘what’ the processes are almost intact as they were before.

For instance, the general managers still work on the aforementioned five key functions. However, technology has altered the way they proceed with those key functions. Now, the general managers have to decide with due diligence what and where they need to employ new technology. Today, technological advancements are not only limited to artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, etc, but other areas as well such as engineering, agriculture, and telecommunications amongst others. Hence, for general managers across industries, the process of learning, relearning, and unlearning should be continuous to be able to comprehend the new tech advancements.

Pursue an online general management course from Talentedge and get deep insights into industry 4.0 and digitization.

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What Skills Do You Require to be an Effective General Manager?

As general managers are ‘generalists’ and they have to deal with a wide range of functions already discussed above, they need to possess hybrid skills to be able to perform satisfactorily.

1. Leadership

In today’s highly competitive world, a general manager must be a visionary leader to timely achieve targets and objectives. General managers are expected to think ahead of their time and visualize things that are about to happen. Moving forward, s/he should also be able to turn those thoughts and visions into actions.

At first, a general manager who is a visionary leader will analyze the present business situation. Here, s/he will go through the competition and analyses to look for possible disruptions and opportunities. Remember, as a general manager, your vision should be able to inspire all the team members working with you and should be aligned with the broader objectives of the company. The online general management courses by Talentedge helps you enhance your leadership skills for better management.

2. Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is required to turn plans into reality. General managers are expected to be strategic thinkers as they need to design their plans and inculcate how to execute them successfully while keeping in mind all the factors that might come into play. Careful development of strategy and its implementation is the roadmap for achieving excellence.

A great strategy will take into account all the crucial elements such as capital and financial resources amongst others and their optimal usage. It will also identify strengths and weaknesses before the execution process begins. This should be done to leverage over the strongholds and fill the gaps wherever they exist. This becomes crucial at a time when rapid technological advances bring abrupt disruptions in the processes. Talentedge offers online general management courses to assist you in honing your strategic thinking skills to strategize and execute your business plans well.

3. Team Building

‘Inspire, motivate, and delegate’ are the three golden principles for every general manager. Team building is a base to achieve almost every other objective that a general manager has decided to achieve. Consider a situation where a general manager has formulated an excellent strategy but her/his team lacks motivation and proper training. Will the general manager and the team be able to achieve its goals? The team might be able to but it will be a herculean task.

4. Conflict Management and Negotiation 

When you have multiple people working together across the teams, conflict management is something that you will be doing on a daily basis. On the other hand, negotiation skills are crucial as they will help you in building relationships with people within as well as outside your organization. Moreover, a good manager will focus on diversifying the workplace. However, with diversity and interdependence, there are high chances that conflicts may arise from time to time. A general manager with good conflict management skills will explore opportunities amid conflicts. IIM general management program by Talentedge helps widen your horizon and sharpen your conflict management and negotiation skills.

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Scope of General Management in India

Thanks to the rapid growth of small and big businesses in India, the demand for management professionals is continuously mushrooming. Now, for the past few years, management has been one of the most sought-after fields. Due to the fierce competition between companies, businesses are looking for highly-skilled professionals who can assist in smoothly operating the activities while improving their productivity and revenue generation. Consequently, it has increased job opportunities in the field of management.

Businesses are frequently changing their strategies and require proficient professionals who can implement change in the company and improve their efficiency. Upskilling yourself is the best way to stay competitive in the field of management and develop your career. Enroll in our general management course and learn from the esteemed faculty of renowned institutes to aggrandize yourself.

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Job Opportunities After Pursuing General Management Courses

General management is a field that is always evolving and changing. With the ongoing fourth industrial revolution, companies are continuously expanding their business operations. Consequently, they are now on a constant lookout for highly-qualified individuals with a diverse set of managerial skills who can help drive change and keep the staff members motivated at the same time.

Moreover, due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 induced pandemic, many organizations have embraced work-from-home policies, forcing managers to learn new ways to manage their teams. Upskilling yourself is the best decision for you to keep up with the dynamic changes occurring in the business world alongside advancing your career exponentially. 

Pursuing a general management course will open multiple doors of opportunities for you. Here is a list of the most sought-after job opportunities with their respective salaries that you can apply for:

Job Positions

Average Salary in India

Marketing Manager

Rs. 9 lakh per annum and above

Sales Manager

Rs. 7 lakh per annum and above

Administrative Manager

Rs. 5.5 lakh per annum and above

Human Resource Manager

Rs. 8 lakh per annum and above

Management Analyst

Rs. 9.5 lakh per annum and above

Finance Manager

Rs. 11 lakh per annum and above

Supply Chain Manager

Rs. 12 lakh per annum and above

Business Consultant

Rs. 10 lakh per annum and above

General Manager

Rs. 27 lakh per annum and above

Information Technology (IT) Manager

Rs. 23 lakh per annum and above

 * Average salaries are based on the data provided by glassdoor.

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  1. Marketing Manager - Marketing managers are responsible for promoting the goods and services of a company. Though the responsibilities of a marketing manager vary with the size of the organization they work for. Supervising marketing campaigns, such as online advertising, email campaigns, social media campaigns, creating marketing strategies, overseeing marketing expenditure, conducting trend analysis, etc. are just a few of the many activities that marketing managers handle. Apply for our general management course from IIM Kozhikode and kickstart your journey to become a successful marketing manager.
  2. Sales Manager - A sales manager has a significant impact on an organization's success or failure. S/he is an active participant who assists the company in meeting sales targets and subsequently increasing revenue generation. Sales managers are in charge of directing and ushering the team members to increase their productivity and efficiency. They also establish sales targets to create sales plans, evaluate data, and mentor salespeople to improve their performances.
  3. Administrative Manager - An administrative manager, often known as a head administrator or an office manager, is in charge of organizing and supervising the administration system and regular activities of a company. The responsibilities of administrative managers include managing employees and creating new systems to improve workplace efficiency. They also need to be on good terms with members of other teams and departments to have a good network. Enroll in our general management course online and develop your career as an administrative manager.
  4. Human Resource Manager - Human resource managers are responsible for both, strategic and functional aspects of HR. A human resource manager is expected to have the competencies of an HR generalist as well as being proficient in business management too. For human resource managers, it is essential to have good communication skills alongside decision-making abilities.
  5. Management Analyst - Management analysts, also known as management consultants, are in charge of performing operations in such a way that the company's management operates more efficiently and effectively. They advise companies on ways to make businesses more lucrative by lowering costs and increasing revenues.
  6. Finance Manager - The role of a finance manager includes supervising the financial activities of an organization and maintaining a budget to increase the savings of a company. Finance managers also analyze accounting reports and markets to invest and meet the financial goals of the company. Apply for our online general management course Professional Certificate Course in General Management by IIM Kozhikode to get a deep understanding of accounting and financial management.
  7. Supply Chain Manager - It is the responsibility of supply chain managers to look after the production, purchasing, and distribution process as well as maintain track of the company’s logistics and inventory. They also examine the financial activities and analyze the expenses to determine how much money they can save. Supply chain managers work closely with dealers and merchants to keep an eye on the process and make sure that operations are up to par when it comes to quality and security norms. Talentedge is offering you the best general management courses in India to give you deep insight into process analysis, supply chain coordination, inventory management, etc.
  8. Business Consultant - It is the responsibility of business consultants to examine and evaluate the business practices and make recommendations for the company’s growth. They are also in charge of figuring out the requirements of the organization as well as detecting their shortcomings to improve the organization’s performance.
  9. General Manager - A general manager is responsible for overseeing the operations of a company to increase revenue generation and profitability. Staff management, planning budgets, implementing marketing tactics, and a variety of other responsibilities are all part of the general manager’s job description. Talentedge is offering you an IIM general management program named as Professional Certificate Program in General Management to help widen your horizon and satisfy the demands of increased managerial responsibilities.
  10.  Information Technology (IT) Manager - IT managers' major responsibility is to monitor the hardware and software of a company. IT managers are in charge of the organization's computer-related activities, including coordinating, planning, and managing them. They assist in determining the company's information systems needs and managing them by putting the computer systems in place.

With the expansion of businesses, the need for highly-skilled professionals has also increased who can manage the company operations and contribute to its growth. Talentedge has partnered with renowned institutes such as IIM Kozhikode to bring to you IIM general management program and help you carve your career the way you always wanted.

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Eligibility Criteria for General Management Courses Available on Talentedge

It is advised to explore the program page to get detailed information about eligibility criteria, however, given below are the common eligibility standards to apply for the Talentedge online general management course -

  • Indian participants are required to hold a graduate degree (10+2+3) or a diploma (10+2+3) from a recognized university (UGC/AICTE/DEC/AIU/State Government) in any discipline
  • Graduation or equivalent degree is a necessity for international participants from a recognized university in their home countries
  • Additionally, it is a prerequisite to be competent in written and spoken English

Why Should You Pursue General Management Courses from Talentedge?

In this digital era, where everything is available on the internet, the popularity of online learning is also growing rapidly. There are numerous advantages of pursuing a general management course online such as honing your management skills while continuing with your current job.

We, at Talentedge, offer a variety of online certification courses in collaboration with the world’s foremost institutes. The certificates from these esteemed institutes carry immense prestige and add value to your career growth. Given below are a few of the advantages of pursuing an online general management course from Talentedge:

  • The convenient schedule makes it easier for professionals to attend the lectures
  • Both live and interactive learning helps in the deep understanding of concepts
  • Practical and experiential learning helps you put learning into practice
  • One-on-one doubt clearing sessions help solve your queries

When it comes to advanced executive courses, Talentedge, in association with some of the premier institutions in India and abroad, is known for providing cutting-edge learning experiences. We, at Talentedge, believe that executives are the backbone of any organization and deserve to pursue the best certifications that can help them to achieve their career goals. Hence, all of our courses in general management are in collaboration with prestigious institutions and are offered by highly qualified faculty members and industry experts. Pursuing a general management course online from Talentedge adds to your career growth and offers you a smooth journey throughout the course along with multiple other advantages.

At a time when businesses are being frequently disrupted by the rapid technological advancements that are happening every now and then. Hence, a general manager must match the speed of this fast-moving world to remain competitive. Choosing the right certification in general management is the answer for you to achieve your career goals while enhancing the employability quotient. We, at Talentedge, offer a wide range of general management courses, choose the course that suits you the most, and embark on your career growth journey.

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FAQs on General Management Courses

Q. What is a General Management Course?

Ans. The general management course offers you a great opportunity to get advanced executive learning. It assists you in career advancement by providing you with knowledge about managerial, operational, and functional aspects of a business so that you can contribute to the growth of the company efficiently.

Q. How do I know which General Management Course is right for me?

Ans. Every course is designed to address the specific needs of the students. We will advise you to go through each general management course and look for the syllabus section. Moreover, do not forget to scroll over the unique added advantages that a course has to offer. This way, you will end up choosing the right course for you. Further, we will advise you to contact our counselors, they will assist you in choosing the course that suits the most to your needs. 

Q. Who all can apply for Talentedge’s Online General Management Courses?

Ans. Our executive courses are for working professionals and each course asks for a different set of eligibility criteria. Every course is designed for a different set of professionals such as early level, mid-level, and senior level. As per your work experience and learning expectations, you can choose the right course in general management.

Q. Can I apply for another course from Talentedge if I am already enrolled in one?

Ans. All of our courses ask for at least 10-12 hours of self-study per week. Hence, if you can manage both the courses simultaneously only then proceed with pursuing two courses. However, it is always advisable to choose a course at a time before jumping to another course. 

Q. What is the scope of general management in India?

Ans. In the past few decades, India has witnessed rapid growth in the private sector. The rapid growth of businesses has given rise to huge competition. To stay in the competition and be better than the competitor, businesses need managers to plan strategies, smoothly execute policies and operations, and much more. Hence, there’s a huge scope and flourishing opportunities for general managers today across industries. To secure your position as a general manager, enroll in our IIM general management program.

Q. What are the roles and responsibilities of a general manager in an organization?

Ans. The roles and responsibilities of a general manager depend on the size of the organization. However, there are standard functions that a general manager performs in an organisation, for instance, molding the workplace atmosphere, formulation of strategies, resource allocation, developing under-level managers and organization/team(s) building, supervising operations. Apply for our general management courses to learn more about the functions of a general manager. 

Q. What skills are required to become an effective general manager?

Ans. Management is a field that requires a lot of expertise. Foremost, people management skill is the most important thing you need to have. The other essential skills that you need to become an effective general manager are leadership, strategic thinking, team building, conflict management, and negotiation. IIM general management program offered by Talentedge helps you enhance these skills and advance your career. 

Q. Why should I choose Talentedge over others?

Ans. In comparison to recorded lectures, Talentedge being the first one to provide live and interactive lectures set itself apart from others. There are multiple benefits of pursuing an online general management course from Talentedge, for instance

  • Talentedge has partnered with some of the esteemed institutes from India and abroad, which will substantially contribute to the development of your career.
  • We also offer dedicated student and technical support to provide assistance in any hindrance that may come during the course.
  • Convenient schedules make it easier for working professionals to attend the lectures.
  • You get a great chance to attend guest lectures given by industry experts to provide you with insights into real-world scenarios.
  • Participants have an excellent opportunity to receive a completion certificate at the end of the course.

Explore the specific course you're interested in to learn more about the additional perks you'll be getting along with these. 

Q. How can I clear my doubts during the Online General Management Course?

Ans. We, at Talentedge, offer live and interactive lectures to the participants with the thought of providing a better understanding of the subject. However, every participant will also get access to SLIQ Cloud Campus which they can use to contact professors at any point during the course to clear any doubts they may have. 

Q. How IIM General Management Program can help me progress in my career?

Ans. The general management program will provide you with insights into every aspect of the business, from operations to finance, it covers everything. You also get to learn about different business strategies to assist in improving the growth of an organization. Every business requires a general manager to help smoothly conduct the operations. As a general manager, it will be your responsibility to formulate guidelines and manage day-to-day activities. 

Q. What job opportunities are available after pursuing a General Management Course?

Ans. Every business needs some people to oversee its operations. Hence, general managers are needed in almost every industry. However, there are many other job positions apart from general manager that you can apply for after pursuing our general management course online, for instance, marketing manager, sales manager, administrative manager, human resource manager, finance manager, management analyst, IT manager, supply chain manager, business consultant, and many more. 

Q. Is an installment option available to pursue a General Management Course from Talentedge?

Ans. Participants who are unable to pay the entire fee in one payment can choose to pay in several installments.

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