Just like laying bricks for a building leads to a strong foundation, the same goes for leadership. At the surface level, leadership might seem like a process for leading organisational staff and headlining the corporation’s operations. Still, as one goes deeper, one realises that leadership is much more to what meets the eye. The entire responsibility of sensing the business opportunities, envisioning ideas and visions and making that idea become a reality defines a successful leader. Over time there has been the emergence of different leadership styles that have been modelled to suit various workplace landscapes.

Transformational Leadership


  • As per GORemotely, nearly 83% of leading organisations believe that it’s quintessential to develop successful leaders at different hierarchical levels.


  • A report generated by the MDA training platform, leaders that focus on employee engagement lead to an increase in 39% engagement levels leading to overall business growth.


The leadership stats mentioned above highlights the importance of fostering a leadership environment in workplace scenarios. Several meticulous leadership courses in India render the skill sets and knowledge about this domain. The courses in lieu of certified programs such as the XLRI strategic leadership certificate online can enable professionals to acquire the qualities and characteristics of leaders.


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Qualities of Excellent Leaders


“Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.”

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The quote mentioned above by Brian Tracy displays the outright work ethic of leaders and their thinking patterns. The development of leaders starts with their characteristics, qualities and traits. Numerous leadership courses in India focus on building the attributes and imparting them through practical sessions.


Here’s a list of qualities that remarkable leaders possess in their work ethic:-


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  • Vision and Foresighting


Leaders are exceptional visionaries and can envision policies and ideas that can benefit their corporations. It allows the staff members and managers to work on areas and canvass leadership strategies that boost team productivity.


The foresight of market trends and practices and the implementation of strategies can help organisations maintain steady growth. Moreover, visions and ideas push people out of their comfort zones and lead to the greater good for the firms.


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  • High Levels of Emotional Intelligence


Emotional intelligence helps leaders in rectifying issues and providing practical and rational solutions. The presence of emotional intelligence makes it easier for leaders to make decisions backed by logic rather than their emotions.


Leaders bring practicality and assurance of quality decisions by displaying high levels of emotional quotient and not flowing with their feelings. There are techniques and tools for the same taught via the XLRI strategic leadership certificate online to help new leaders develop this trait.

Strategic Management course


  • Good Communicators


Efficient leadership is maintained through good communication (both interpersonal and intrapersonal). Communication is essential for discussing ideas and sharing visions with fellow managers and C-suite executives.


Leaders need to ensure that everyone is on the same page while transferring the visions or idea into a workable action plan. This is done by regularly communicating with their subordinates and staff members.


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  • Are Thorough Humanists


Leadership is a human-centric role, and it’s vital for leaders and their close associates to keep up a humane view of things. Being a humanist implies that leaders connect with their employees personally and understand their concerns, wishes, and other valuable inputs.


The traits and definitive qualities of charismatic leaders defined above help both the organisations and their staff, stakeholders and key personnel. Leaders utilise these qualities for giving direction to the corporate’s work-flows, processes and intertwined operations. Be it envisioning ideas, displaying decent emotional quotient levels, effective communication between their peers and managers, and humanitarian are important traits that encapsulate successful leaders.


Importance of Right Leadership for an Organisation


Leadership is an art wherein the artist is the leader who paints the image of their organisation, and that image is what sells in the marketplace and defines the extent of revenues and profits. The variety of leadership courses in India designed in association with industry experts will help aspiring leaders understand the importance of this domain for corporations.


The importance of leadership comes down to the following reasons:-


  • Facilitates Action


All the strategies, business plans, methodologies are theoretical blueprints that are provided by different sectors. The leadership facet offers a sound actionable model for efficient utilisation and incorporating these theoretical measures into practical plans.


Leadership is rightly the “action stage” of the corporational landscape. It’s where ideas get implemented, and necessary actions for the same are assigned to team members.


  • Guides and Mentors Employees


Leadership is a team role wherein leaders need to marshall their troops and deploy organisational cavalry accordingly. More often than not, when there’s a lack of enthusiasm and motivation within the core group, leaders don the hat of mentors and guide surmounting challenges.


Furthermore, leadership caters to boosting the morale of their employees and mentoring them during tough times. Leaders are experienced persons who understand when their team members are getting confused and assist them in gaining clarity over things and other procedures.


  • Fosters a Great Team Environment


Leaders influence and emulsify the shared team environment between themselves, their subordinates and other stakeholders. Leadership focuses on creating a healthy and positive team culture so as to make strategies and plans that are effective in the long run.


The by-product of a thriving team environment helps bring the core group together and facilitates loyalty, trust and transparency amongst the leaders and their staff.


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  • Layout a Structured Approach


Leaders develop consistent and robust approaches for achieving organisational objectives set up by the corporations. The role of leaders is integral in canvassing flexible and streamlined methodologies for smoothening the corporate’s workflows, processes and other protocols.


Planning without an approach is like finding a needle out of a haystack, in short difficult. Therefore, it’s vital to have appropriate planning approaches in place for driving results.


The importance of leadership can be understood from the points mentioned above. Therefore, getting valuable inputs from the XLRI strategic leadership certificate online can allow leaders to widen their knowledge.


Leadership: Pathway for Organisational Success


The importance of leadership discussed in the article above highlights the need for this domain in channelising organisational growth.


Therefore, enrolling for selected leadership courses in India such as the XLRI strategic leadership certificate online, is amongst the many programs for success in this sector.


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