Your business may be based on aesthetic vision and a strategic model, but if it is not financially sound, it will not operate successfully. Many organizations go through the start-up and growth phase, shelling out more than their income, not realising how that is affecting the long-term health of the company. Success of any business is dependent on earning more than spending.


Well-organized bookkeeping might help you with that, but to sustain the growth & success, you need to establish financial management & control. Book-keeping for your business is like the body of a car. It can be designed and painted to look great. But without an engine, the body of the car won’t get anywhere. Financial Management is that engine for your business.

financial management online certification


Financial Management helps you put your numbers to work so that your business is successful. Not only are you up to date on how your business is doing financially, but you also in the know of what you can do to make it better.


XLRI’s course in Advanced Financial Management has been specially designed for professionals like you, looking to equip them to tackle complex financial challenges of an organization. This course is structured to familiarize learners with factors affecting financial performance, different modes of capital management, risk minimization strategies and guiding principles on investment decisions.


Some of the key takeaways of this course are:

  • Get certified by XLRI
    Opportunity to earn Certificate of Completion in Advanced Financial Management from XLRI.
  • Hands-on learning with practical examples & exercises
    This program uses practical examples and exercises to help participants grasp concepts better.
  • Lectures imparted by eminent faculty from XLRI
    Experienced faculty from XLRI and Industry experts provide practical insights into everyday issues.
  • Course content and structure by XLRI
    The content and structure of this program have been designed entirely by XLRI.


If you are serious about a career in Finance, sign up for the Executive Development Program in Advanced Financial Management from XLRI, today! You can also drop in a query and we will call you back at the earliest with more details.



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