Data generated by humans and machines has witnessed an exponential growth in the last few years. Businesses are no exception to this phenomenon and are beginning to tap the hidden knowledge using Analytics and Big Data.


This course will help the participants apply the concepts of big data analytics and statistical applications to varied aspects of managerial decision making. Participants will understand how big data technologies and data mining techniques enable data driven decisions. Participants will learn to apply popular and contemporary technologies in big data ecosystem and statistical packages for applications such as predictive analytics, social network analytics, sentiment analytics, market segmentation etc. Participants will also gain knowledge about production grade analytics and best practices using open-source programming language and machine learning frameworks. The program will particularly benefit participants interested in a career in data science, analytics and consulting.

The Executive Certificate Programme in Business Analytics and Big Data will include lectures and learning material on the following topics.


  • Introduction to Big Data and Analytics
  • Data Diagnostics Using SPSS [Hands-on]
    • Descriptive statistics
    • Inferential statistics
  • Business Analytics [Illustration with Palisade decision tools]
    • Applications in Corporate Finance
    • Applications in Accounting
    • Applications in Marketing
    • Applications in Operations
  • Introduction to “R” [Hands-on]
  • Regression Analytics using “R” [Hands-on]
  • Classification Techniques using “R” [Hands-on]
  • Clustering using “R” [Hands-on]
  • Ensemble Methods using “R” [Hands-on]
  • Econometric Analysis using “R” [Hands-on]
  • Dealing with Unstructured Data – Using “R” [Hands-on]
  • Text Analysis on Twitter Data
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Social Network Analysis – Using “R” [Hands-on]
  • Market Basket Analysis – Using “R” [Hands-on]
  • Data Visualization using “Tableau” [Hands-on]
  • Big Data Eco-System
    • Foundation Principles
    • Hadoop
    • Impala
    • Hive
    • Spark
  • Setting up a Big Data Cluster in Amazon ECS or Similar
    • Introduction to Big Data Stacks
    • Deploying Big Data Cluster
  • Staging and Managing Big Data [Hands-on]
    • Introduction to Data Warehousing
    • Introduction to ETL components and Scripting
  • Data Science and Big Data – Using “Python” [Hands-on]


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