Cyber security is the field of protection of computer hardware, software, data and network systems from a potential attack, theft, damage or misuse. Cyber security has become more critical in recent times due to the advancement in technology leading to sophisticated modes of attacks being created by hackers. Hackers are software programmers who are expert in their fields. In common terms, the word hacker is used to define a person who illegally gets access to someone else’s data and network systems to carry out theft or damage to it. A diploma in cyber security can provide the basic skills one needs to start a career in the cyber security industry.


The cyberattacks have become more frequent and serious. They are spread across countries and are supported by malware-for-hire which makes it easy for attackers to rent viruses online and attack a system. The increase in the number of devices makes the task of managing those devices and protecting them a big task and this is where companies need to hire the right talent.


Hence, companies are looking for software programmers who have the investigative skills to identify and fight off threats. They can monitor what is going on and use the right tools at the right time. The key skill is to know why the problem is occurring and what to do about it.


There is a high demand for cyber security professionals as the industry is growing fast. The employers are looking forward to hiring the millennial workforce as they are young and have grown with technology around them. They understand the technology and depend on it on a regular basis.


In the future, such investigative skills might be automated. However, even then the organizations will require employees who can develop the algorithms and find newer ways of tackling cyber crime. However, there is a shortage of skilled resources in this field. Therefore, organizations are calling the next generation of millennials who are inherently digital natives and are involved in the world of digital right from a very young age. This digitally aware and adept workforce is more likely to create and identify newer ways of countering cyberattacks.


The cyber security industry is interested in such millennials provided they prove themselves qualified to handle the responsibilities of cyber security.

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