Performance is what makes organizations sustainable. In our highly competitive business environment, we need to keep finding ways to ensure that we are performing as per our goals and moving to the next level.

Performance management even at an organizational level, is not an art, it is a scientific process. So we need a proper, defined step-wise approach for it. Here are some ways to ensure that you have a high-performance organization.


  1. Include it into your workplace culture – This can be done in many formal and informal ways. The formal way is to do it by setting ambitious goals, regular tracking and course-correction of performance, and closing skill-gaps that impact performance. The formal way is by applauding high performance and recognizing as well as rewarding it. Culture is a powerful tool to drive performance and using it well is important.
  2. Make sure to have engaged employees – The “discretionary effort” from each engaged employee is what leads to higher levels of organizational performance. So spend time and effort in ensuring that you have a high number of engaged and self-motivated employees, who can lead the organization’s growth. Those who are committed in this manner should also be empowered in equal measure, for them to take initiative.
  3. Leverage your strengths – Many organizations expend their energy in trying to get better at their areas of development. High performance, however, is about leveraging what you are already strong at. So revisit your approach and make sure that you are playing to your strengths. Addressing the gaps is important, but high performance is linked to maximizing your potential that comes from your existing strengths.
  4. Focus on accountability – When you feel accountable for something, you give it your best. Inculcate that accountability and sense of ownership in your leadership teams as well as the general workforce. All your employees, from top to bottom, should feel that they belong there and they are working towards succeeding together.

So organizations that are built for high performance, use the above guidelines and design their processes, practices and even policies around it. They take actions that communicate the above messages in a clear manner. They take steps that help employees internalize these aspects and move ahead.


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