Instagram is garnering popularity amongst all types of audience and target segments, a social media app that allows you to post photos and videos in an easy manner and acts as an excellent direct/digital marketing tool for many businesses. We all use it, don’t we? So let’s check out how to create a strategy that actually works on Instagram.


  1. Stellar content

When we talk about content, then one of the crucial questions that pop up is, how to channelize and what type of content to display. Videos are growing as an attention seeking media and hence, include videos in your daily postings. They can be shared from other social media pages, or create one of your own (not everyday of course!) and give your followers an experience to see how fun/interactive it is to work with you. Along with this, the photos should be extremely meaningful and able to catch the eyes of the follower. Post something that engages the audience and directs them to your website or business pages, something that makes them want more out of it. Experiment with content so that the audience does not get bored.


  1. Connect other social media accounts, if any

Connect your account to other social media accounts. For example, Facebook and Instagram can be connected instantly, similarly connect other social media account options available with Instagram to cross share what you post. This would help in brand recall.


  1. Hashtagging

Use relevant hashtags to promote your business and urging the followers to do the same while replying to your comments or messages. Hashtags are a way of finding similar types of posts and can simplify the way your business gets popularized.


  1. Follow the followers back

Increase in followers is surely a treat to the eyes of an Instagrammer. Follow back the person who follows you. It gives them a moral boost.


  1. Contests

Hold contests and offer rewards (if you have a budget on that) to the audience


  1. Network

Direct messaging works on Instagram, but requires lot of effort. Make sure that you reply to every query that is in stride of your business. And make it a point to respond to at least 80% of the messages you get.

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