Information security and cyber security are firmly related to each other, but does it mean the same thing? No, there is a clear difference between those two terms. Let’s explore their distinctions, areas of overlap and understand why this difference matters to the cyber security sector.


What is Information Security?

Decades ago, all confidential information of the business was stationed in a filing cabinet. However now, most of the modern business data reside electronically on laptops, desktops, servers, Internet. Information security refers to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your business data both physically and digitally.

It aims to prevent illegitimate access, disclosure, modification, inspection, recording or destruction of all available business data. It forms the basic foundation of data security and can be a starting point for organizations to develop a security program.


Cyber Security

On the other hand, cyber security involves the cyberspace and refers to the ability to protect it from cyber attacks. It assures that everything from computers, data, and network of the company is safeguarded from illegitimate digital attacks.

Secure your IT infrastructure against full-scale malicious attacks staged by threat actors with the help of various processes, technologies, and practices. It is highly important to protect your company’s network and reputation by training your employees with cybersecurity practices and cyber security course.


Differences between Information Security and Cyber Security

  • Information security attempts to secure data in any form whereas cyber security only protects the digital data
  • Cybersecurity can be essentially termed as a subset of information security since it deals with only the digital landscape
  • Professionals of information security deal with the basics of framing security policies like risk management, intrusion detection, security awareness, defence methodologies, firewall protection. On the contrary cyber security professionals secure data from malware intrusion, bots, viruses and perform data recovery
  • Cybersecurity deals with dangers in the cyber realm, information security aims to protect data from any form of threat
  • Information security acts against unauthorized access, use or destruction of data and cyber security deals against cyber frauds or crimes


Evolution of Information and Cyber Security

Even though they are viewed as separate entities, we have seen a fusion of both practices now. Both value data as the most important thing of all. Most teams don’t have an information security expert so the onus is on the cyber security professionals. The role of the cyber security staff is expanding, as companies have understood the importance of securing their data in any format.  Learn how you can protect your business data by training your team with a cyber security course.


In Conclusion

It is easy to see why cyber security and information security are viewed along the same lines. Even though both involve the protection of data, there is a key difference between the two. Protect your company’s network and safeguard confidential data with the help of a cyber security course.


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