Data Science is the examination and research of data. It revolves around developing methods that can store, record and analyze data for the efficient extraction of useful information. The objective of data science is to derive knowledge and insights from any form of data – both unstructured and structured. Big organization require IT professionals who are constantly upgrading their skillset in SAS, SQL and Tableau software by completing the relevant data science courses.


Business Analytics, on the other hand, is the blend of technologies, skills, processes and applications employed by organizations to procure data-dependent and statistical-based insights to create a realistic business planning framework. Professional certification through online certified business analytical course equips business analysts with the ultimate tools to become the head of a company’s data analytics division.


Applications of Data Science


  • Banking organizations employ the services of data scientists for customer profiling, previous expenditures to analyze the probability of risk and bad debt.
  • Data Science application in Healthcare is tremendous. Medical Image Analysis uses machine learning methods for detecting tumours.
  • Another prominent application is the treatment personalization through research in genomics. Data science techniques help in the integration of different data types and provide insights into the understanding of genetic issues in responses to particular diseases and drugs. IT professionals who have completed a data science course from reputed EdTech platforms ar in high demand in the Healthcare industry.


Applications of Business Analytics


  • Business Analytics tools are used to investigate the large quantum of financial data of companies and arrive at the optimal price for company products. Finance professionals who have completed an online certified business analytical course are in great demand by MNCs.
  • Business Analytics help in devising advertising strategies for the targeted audience by the analysis of consumer buying behaviour.


How Business Analytics and Data Science are Different?


  1. Concept

Data Science is an interdisciplinary sphere of algorithms and data inference to gain insights. Business Analytics employs statistical concepts to derive insights from data.


  1. Coding

Data Science is heavily dependent on coding, Business Analytics, on the other hand, is statistics oriented and doesn’t depend on complex coding.


  1. Statistics

Data Science employs statistics only at the ending stage of analysis which is then followed by algorithm building and coding. The whole analysis of Busines Analytics is centred on statistical concepts


  1. Data Needed

Data Science makes use of both structured and unstructured data whereas Business Analytics uses predominantly structured data.


  1. Future Trends

The future evolution of Data Science takes into account the involvement of Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. The future of Business Analytics will be focussed on Tax Analytics and Cognitive Analytics.


Final Thoughts

In light of recent developments in both Business Analytics and Data Science, businesses will see a monumental shift in how data is analyzed. Both Data Science and Business Analytics provide working professionals with a lot of opportunities to improve their skills in recent technological trends by undergoing online certified business analytical courses.


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