The advent of the internet and different technologies has changed the face of business across the world, resulting in better transportation infrastructures, remarkable developments in trade, and a much smaller, more accessible world. From politics, economics & culture to employment, health & education – globalization has affected most facets of our everyday lives.

It has brought forth the direct correlation between the financial success of organizations and the depth & efficiency of their supply chains. Corporations like Dell have admitted to an efficient supply chain being their biggest leverage point.

Globalization has opened a plethora of opportunities in the Supply Chain domain.  The biggest advantage with a Global Supply Chain is that it increases options for your business: for source material, workers, and transportation. More options result in greater chances of saving expenses & increasing profits.


Globalization of the supply chain means expanded sourcing opportunities. You get to select goods & services from a wide range of options for high quality or low costs. While you get to pick raw material and workers from different locations, you also get familiar with new locations, newer needs and reach new customers. It is easier for businesses to grow generally with a shrinking globe and new technologies every day. When you cater to a global market, you automatically have more to produce, offer & sell. You get expand your business while expanding borders.


If you are excited about expanding your business internationally, then sign up for the Executive Development Program in Global Supply Chain Management from IIFT. This course from IIFT, a renowned institution in foreign trade in India, offers good hands-on experience with exposure to different learning tools used in the SCM domain. The Global Supply Chain Management course explores core aspects of SCM in a global context like SC design optimization, the policy of vendor selection, SC logistics, risk management and also touches on contemporary and evolving aspects of SC analytics, digital SC etc.


Benefits of Supply Chain Management Courses


Some other benefits of this course are:

  • Premier Ivy League institute
    On successful completion of the course, participants are awarded an appropriate certificate by IIFT
  • Live & Interactive Classes
    Attend classes from anywhere without taking a break from your job
  • Learn from the best
    Lectures imparted by eminent faculty from academia and experienced Industry professionals
  • Hands-on learning
    A mix of Lectures, Discussions, Case Studies and Class Exercises geared to enhance the problem-solving ability of SC practitioners in the global marketplace

Learn various themes of global supply chains along with practical implementation. Develop deep insights and equip yourself with skills and competencies to successfully manage the ever-increasing complexities of global SC.


Sign up for this course from IIFT today and put your career progression on the fast track. Fill in your details and we will get back to with more information about the course.


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