We think we have the perfect performance management system and perhaps that is true. But there is always scope to improve it and make it more organization-specific and people-friendly. Do explore the opportunity to get a great performance management certification and understand how you can work on this aspect.


Meanwhile here are some broad guidelines to help you make some first level improvements.

  1. Include a self-appraisal – A self-appraisal is always important to have. It helps the individual get a perspective of what he or she has been doing at work and also gives them the chance to introspect. This further helps in making a plan of action that the employee can take charge of himself or herself.
  2. Train the managers to remain biasfree – Have an in-depth training to ensure that managers realize the importance of bias-free training. A lot of improvement can be done in that space. Most PMS have an issue wherein they do not always remain objective. A degree of judgment and subjectivity creeps in. So put in the training for managers to know how to go about this.
  3. Plan the meetings (and for them) –Plan your performance meetings in advance. Also plan for them very well so that it does not seem to be an impromptu discussion, for such an important area. So scheduling the meeting gives both the manager and the team member ample time to gather their thoughts and makes the discussion more meaningful.
  4. Keep it simple – Complicated forms for appraisal, are passé. Let go of those and create simple ones which the employees find easy to understand and fill. Do not over-complicate the process or have difficult to understand measures. Keep the cycle the same for all in the organization. Have a document that helps everyone to understand.
  5. Create a culture of feedback –  Feedback should be given well and taken well. Only a positive culture of feedback will help with that. So take the steps to have a culture where the employees and managers appreciate the process and are open to sharing, as well as receiving feedback. They feel empowered and also comfortable to talk about performance, as well as improvements for it.


These are easy ways in which you can improve the performance management system, and make it even better than it is currently. They will ensure that HR can simplify it for itself and for the employees as well.


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