PPC campaign, when crafted strategically, provides leads, traffic, and customers almost instantly once the ads start running. A survey by a reputable company shows that 34% of marketers believe that paid search is one of the most effective marketing tactics and almost the same percentage feel that it is one of the most difficult tactics to utilize effectively. To maximize your “quality score” (Google’s method of rating ads) you need a strategy in place.


Customer Research

Every successful PPC campaign starts with customer research. Before launching a PPC campaign you need to know not only what your customers want but what they are looking for and how they are searching for it. You can use whatever customer data you currently have to help research keywords.


Use Keyword Tools

Once you have your list of keywords, use data to validate your keywords. Google Adwords Keyword Planner has options for validating keywords. It shows search volume data, trends, cost per click, and competitive data. It also provides keyword suggestions.


Organize and Structure Keywords

Organize your keywords into more targeted groups. The more relevant and tighter your ad groups are, the easier it is to measure the performance. As search intent changes broad keywords to very specific long-tail terms, it has to be kept in mind while grouping keywords.


Understand Your Budget and work Backwards

The average cost per click varies by industry. Other elements also can increase the CPC. The questions you need to ask here are :

  • Are these keywords being searched for by my audience?
  • What is the aim of the search?
  • Will my audience click the ad and buy my product?
  • Can I afford to advertise using this keyword?


A simple math formula that can be used is :

Maximum CPC= ( Profit per customer) x (1-profit margin) x (website conversion rate)

The way to make campaigns profitable is to improve conversions or increase the profit made by your average customer.


Research the Competitor 

A lot can be gained from analyzing your competitor’s PPC campaigns. Competitive research using tools like SpyFu can give details on how others are positioning ads. Adwords has a report that can provide data on irrelevant domains bidding for your keywords.


Improve Ad Copy

A personalized ad that highlights value is what you should aim at.Build your ad copy around the following elements:

Make it valuable

Make it believable

Address risk aversion

Include keywords


Certificate Course in Digital Marketing

Perhaps it would be a good idea to enrol for a digital marketing program if you are looking at launching successful campaigns for your business. A certificate course in digital marketing could also be done through Talentedge which offers certificate courses in digital marketing from IIM (Raipur), IIM (Jammu), MICA, XLRI (Jamshedpur). Digital marketing programs will make it clear how and why PPC marketing should be done in order to maximize business.


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