Earlier when analytics was just known to the world, it was only limited to the web. And now, with advances in modern technology, analytics has opened its doors for mobile also. According to a recent report by Aberdeen Group companies that use mobile analytics saw an increase of 11.6% in brand awareness.


What can you Track using Mobile Analytics?

Mobile analytics is not just about knowing how many people have downloaded your app or how you are generating revenue out of it, it’s more than that:


  • User Acquisition – Where the users have come from – organic search, paid apps, in-app referrals, social media. Increase the number of app downloads having this information handy.
  • Engagement Metrics – Track the movement and behaviour of active users. Depending on your business goals, get valuable insights on how customers use the app and what strategies you can devise to improve their experience
  • Revenue Metrics – Calculate how much revenue you get from your apps by analyzing the number of in-app purchases, conversion rates and more
  • Retention– Are the users sticking to your app? Assess the performance of your mobile offering and understand if the users are happy or not.
  • Crash Report and other Issues -Loading time, crash of the app and network issues are some of the important things that need to be tracked
  • Ratings and Review – It is a clear-cut sign of how your app is performing when a user rates it. This can play a significant role in making a purchase decision.


Benefits of Mobile Analytics to your Business

  1. Access to Real-time Data – As trillions of bytes of information as pictures, app info, business exchanges, GPS data and online networking refreshes are being made every second, you gain an upper-hand by having that information in your fingertips.


  1. Understand the ROI of mobile marketing investments – It’s easy to count app downloads. But it is also important to measure what really matters. Evaluate how mobile really contributes to your bottom line and impacts your ROI.


  1. Measure App Performance – Understand the usage patterns of your apps and know its performance. The result is a clear understanding of customer engagement so that you make data-driven decisions.


  1. Optimize Mobile Campaigns – Ensure that your campaigns work by gaining insight into the conversion, and sales data generated through the mobile channel. Simultaneously, make the right moves to increase transactions through your campaigns


  1. Enlarge Customer Experience – Confidently claim that the experience is consistent for the customer and they are satisfied with the end product. Optimize the experience across the entire customer journey.


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