Smartphones and mobile devices have practically taken over our lives and there is no exaggeration in saying that. 4 out of every 5 consumers use mobile devices to transact or shop and the average person have their mobile within reach for at least 14 hours a day. With all this, it only becomes clear that the mobile platform is a crucial addition to the company’s digital marketing portfolio.


The Future of Marketing is Mobile

The mobile experience is rapidly changing and creating micro-moments from shopping to branding with customers more than ever before. People look at mobile screens more and for the first time, you can reach to your customers 24/7 through the mobile platform. Leverage on this right and you would be able to provide your customers the best mobile experience ever.


Mobile Ads Have Higher Conversion Rates

When people are hooked to their mobile more, then you can conclude that they are seeing more ads on these devices as well. So, it is important to focus on mobile marketing management strategies to draw more audience and convert them effectively.


Evolution of SMS Marketing

Get your message straight into people’s hands, without all the clutter of emails or noise of other channels. People are bound to see text messages and 98% of people read their SMS within 3 minutes of that little beep. So, now is the time to tap into the power of SMS.


Mobile Marketing is Universal

You can apply mobile marketing to its advantage, no matter what your nature of business is, and unlock the potential of a huge and engaged audience. With mobile, your customers are sure to consume more content and you can leverage on this to tell your story. Make your content appealing with flexible structures for a superlative experience.


Mobile-Friendly Sites Perform Better

If your website does not look, read and perform well on mobile devices, it’s time to change. In fact, Google has already changed its search algorithm this year, and now ranks mobile-optimized sites higher than non-optimized sites. So, all businesses stand up and listen to acknowledge the importance of mobile.


Greater Mobile Web Traffic

Gone are those days when ad money was tied up to TV and print media! Mobile web traffic surpasses that of desktops and Mobile ad formats are increasing at an exponential rate. Not only, you need to make sure your websites are optimized for mobile visitors, but you also need to use creative mobile ads to drive traffic to your site.


Are you ready to take advantage of the highly potent mobile platform? Mobile is the go-to medium and companies that embrace this medium are sure to greater visibility thereby ultimately earning far more business and sales.

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