Every individual has one big dilemma – what are the qualities that employers are looking for. Some interviews go very well and yet they do not receive the offers. They come outside the room thinking about how well they responded to queries. Yet they fail to get shortlisted. What could be the possible reasons. A Change management certification online will cover the attributes and qualities that employers prefer in the new-age employees. Let us also take a closer look at what those qualities might be.


  • Flexibility – Roles are not fixed as they used to be earlier. They are fluid and hybrid in nature. An employee who is flexible will be ready to perform multiple responsibilities, even some of which he or she is not trained for. Hence making sure that the talent that is being hired, is equipped and open to doing that is what companies are looking for.


  • Learn-ability – Each individual is required to constantly upskill even if they are experts in their areas of work. Some make the extra effort of following new trends and reading up about them. Some others take the initiative of joining platforms where knowledge that is useful is shared and discussed extensively. Each of these situations shows the ability and intent of the person to learn new things and develop new expertise. This is what organizations are looking for.


  • Networking – This seems like a quality that many people assume applies only for certain roles. In reality, every role needs this attribute. In a world of competition, the biggest differentiators will be how an individual networks internally and maintains client relationships, externally. This is a key quality for organizations now.


  • Team player – While this quality has been looked at for many years, it has gained more importance than ever before. Organizations want their employees to focus on collaborating, and not competing with each other. They want to foster an environment where everyone is aligned to the goal and ready to work together.


  • Technology savvy – Digitally aware and technology savvy employees are much in demand now. They drive the way an organization functions. With every aspect of business becoming digitized slowly, the need is to make sure that the workforce is ready to absorb the disruption. So acceptance and readiness to look at new technology is a key quality for employers now.


These are parameters on which each interviewee is being assessed. Irrespective of the size of the organization, these are aspects that a company wants to see in their potential employees.

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