Every few decades, employees at all stages of their career get threatened by technological advances. Whether it is during the rise of computers & internet or the recent penetration of smartphones in our lives, each major technological advancement requires employees to upskill and reskill themselves to stay relevant with the changing times. Once again, the age of another technological renaissance is upon us and disciplines like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics etc. are again rapidly changing the corporate landscape. And the only way to stay relevant for the employers in the future is dynamic reskilling by undertaking advanced technical & specialised education on the go.


AI ecosystem is growing at an exponential pace while simultaneously impacting all the other relevant technologies and the world is not yet ready to comprehend all its manifestations. In such a volatile corporate environment, a proactive approach to prepare for the skills of the future is the most critical element for your success. While designing your career strategy, it is now time to think beyond your academic education, skills and experience; and seek out the newer short and long term skills that you’ll need to acquire or enhance.


Choosing a Specific Career Path with AI

Before you venture out on a new career path, you must figure out what kind of a profile you want to pursue. There are various job profiles available in the domain of AI & ML. For instance, you can design AI enabled products and services, explore real world problems where AI solutions can be applied, evaluate and develop algorithms, conduct research to advance current technologies, undertake data mining and analysis to create value, design software and information infrastructure etc.


The key thing to remember is that while academic education, skills and experience from various job roles need to be aligned when it comes to following a traditional career path, same is not the case when you venture out in the domain of AI. You can pursue a career in AI across various constructs in almost all industries like manufacturing, marketing, transportation, finance, art, research, medical, military. AI has made its way into almost industry imaginable and there is a huge gap between demand and supply of right talent in all of them.


How to Prepare for Roles in AI

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Cognitive Computing are quite easy to learn if you possess enough motivation, plan your routine in a systematic manner and persistently invest your time in taking courses from Coursera or similar platforms. But if you can’t set a routine or don’t wish to spend months experimenting on various AI tools, then you should opt for formal education.


The rapid growth of online education portals and blended learning models offered by various institutions have ensured that you can reskill yourself faster than ever before. If you do not wish to quit your job for pursuing full-time courses, then online learning is a great help. On the other hand, if you are at the beginning of your career and love solving challenging problems, then a formal education from a top institution offering specialization in AI & ML is the right launching platform.


Once you complete your learning, build a couple of minor projects to figure out what you enjoy the most and can directly relate to your area of expertise. AI is a lot more than just algorithms and programming languages. Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, Cognitive Computing, Computer Vision, Language Translation, Natural Language Processing; there is no limit to the scope of AI. Once you complete your learning, you’ll eventually find your feet in this domain.



If the risk of you losing your job is high due to the rise of AI, it is not because you lack talent but because these technological advances are causing unprecedented disruptions in the corporate segment. Yes, a lot many jobs are going to become obsolete when AI takes over the business landscape, but an equal number of new opportunities will arrive as well. So, the time is now to take charge of the future of your career. The changes are coming fast but the good news is that you have never before seen opportunities to learn AI and stay ahead of the curve. Undoubtedly, it is going to be challenging but it will also be highly rewarding for your career.


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