Analytics are deciding most of the things that we see in organizations these days. They determine what kind of initiatives will work, or the type of people to hire. They help managers work out the possibility of a resource shortfall or even the impact of a social media campaign on the business revenue. Given how all-encompassing business analytics have become, a data analytics course is important for getting an in-depth idea of how it works in the business context. One of the biggest elements of business analytics is the tools that are used.

Business Analytics Courses


Here is a quick read on the top tools which are currently being used.

  1. R – This is a well-known and prevalent tool in the industry, with many organizations opting for it. The biggest strengths it has is that it capable of managing large chunks of data, and integrates seamlessly with other platforms. Fundamentally , R is an open source programming language, but is extensively used for its statistical functionality, to generate analyses.
  2. Tableau – This is essentially a business intelligence tool and platform, which has its strength in providing visual data analysis in an efficient manner, as well as for being user-friendly. The user dashboards are easy to understand and multiple kinds of analyses are possible, to give deep insights. It also known to be an extremely intuitive tool and a pioneer in the area of drag-and-drop analytics.
  3. Sisense – This is a tool, which works well for most businesses from a strategic perspective because it collates data effectively, and also has an easy navigation system. The custom reports it provides, enables businesses to use the analytics that they collect through this tool, for cost savings. Data crunching is extremely simple and a core feature in this tool.
  4. Python – Python is a free tool, which has been in circulation for long. It has a very large range of statistical functions, which make it a great analytics tool. The development of its analytical and statistical library such as numpy is enabling many people to shift towards analytics and using this tool. This again is actually an open source software, but due to its versatility many organizations are now using it for business intelligence and analytics.


These are a few of the tools that are being used actively. There are many others as well such as Apache, SAS, Excel, Splunk and so on are also being utilized by various organizations. Depending on the value it adds or the kind of features it provides, the tools are chosen by companies.



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