• Do you like playing with numbers and risks all day?
  • Are you a commerce graduate confused about where to go from here?
  • Does finance tickle your fancy?

A career in financial risk management seems like the ideal choice. If you are interested in taking up one of the online courses in finance, read on to find out the A-Z of building a career in financial risk management.


Be it finance, sales, marketing, or medicine, the first question that comes to mind when thinking of a career option is “what will I be doing all day long for the rest of my career?” So let’s try and answer this for you.


What will you be doing All Day Every Day as a Financial Risk Manager?


The primary responsibility of a financial risk manager include:-

  • Study the daily functioning of an organisation
  • Realising potential risks (internal & external)
  • Analysing potential strategies that can help weigh the risks and rewards
  • Developing a financial risk management plan which would mitigate risks without lowering the level of rewards


Potential tasks you’ll be performing all day:-

  • Approving potential investment projects
  • Studying and analysing the effect of economic policies
  • Develop long-term monetary plans
  • Staying up-to-date with all legal regulations in the origin country
  • Identify and analyse potential risks concerned with your organisation using risk management tools
  • Forecast changes in market trends that may affect the business’s functioning
  • Provide credible financial data to help make critical business decisions

When talking about a career choice, the next thing that comes to mind is what the competition is like? Will you be able to survive? Are there plenty of job opportunities?


With that in mind, let’s talk about the level of competition in this domain.

Finance management course online

Level of Competition

The level of competition in this domain is considerable. Due to the rising demand for managing financial risks, the number of applicants is increasing, stiffing competition for available jobs. The good news for aspiring financial risk professionals is that experts say that the number of jobs available in this domain will rise dramatically due to the increased level of risks and uncertain business and economic conditions that prevail in today’s dynamic environment.

Now you know what you’ll be doing all day and the level of competition in this domain. Next up are career opportunities.


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Career Prospects After Pursuing Courses in Finance


  • Risk Analyst or Risk Manager

By leveraging analytical skills and knowledge of international business currency markets, as a financial risk manager, you’ll be required to examine hundreds of investment portfolios to analyse the risk involved. Furthermore, you’ll also be required to project potential losses and recommend ways to mitigate risk through diversification, currency exchanges, and other high-yielding investment strategies.

Comprehensive knowledge in the domain is a requisite. So consider scouting for online courses in finance that can help you gain the required knowledge and expertise. One such course is the financial risk management certification from IIM Kozhikode.

Offered in collaboration with Talentedge, the financial risk management certification from IIM Kozhikode provides practical and application-oriented knowledge that can help you measure, manage, and evaluate financial risks effectively.


  • Credit Risk Analyst

As a credit risk analyst, you’ll be required to review and assess your organisation’s financial history to determine if it is a prime candidate for a loan. You’ll also be required to evaluate financial data, including balance sheets, income statements, profit and loss accounts, etc., to determine the default risk level and calculate financial ratios to help banks and financial institutions make comparisons.


  • Market Risk Analyst

As a market risk analyst, you’ll be required to research market trends by using your knowledge of the industry and provide the organisation with a comprehensive market assessment. The company will then use this information to make decisions about future investments and ventures.

Market risk analysis can prove to be a thriving and lucrative career option. However, you must seek credible AFRM certification or enrol for online courses in finance to enter this domain.


  • Operational Risk Manager

As an operational risk manager, you’ll be required to investigate how your organisation operates and identify potential sources of financial, legal, and reputational risks. The goal is to mitigate such risks as much as possible and help your organisation offset financial losses.

This is a potentially lucrative career considering the increasing demand for professionals who can effectively assess operations and functionality related risks.


  • Enterprise Risk Manager

Enterprise risk management is often used interchangeably with risk management. However, the key difference is that as an enterprise risk manager, you’ll be required to look at all of the risks concerned with credit, liquidity, operations, portfolio, fixed incomes, market, etc., holistically and try to achieve a balance that is best suited for the organisation.


  • Investment Banker

As an investment banker, you’ll be required to deal and manage risks as a normal part of your job profile. Capital market transactions, leveraged finance, M&A, etc., will all be the components you’ll be required to manage and account for.


Additionally, you may also be required to offer consulting services to your bank’s corporate clients.


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How to Build a Thriving Career in this Domain?

The ideal and cost-effective pathway to building a thriving career in this domain is enrolling for a credible AFRM certification or online courses in finance. One such credible course is offered by IIM Kozhikode.


The financial risk management certification from IIM Kozhikode offered on the Talentedge platform is considered to be the best in its class and with good reason. The course boasts of an extensive curriculum that not only focuses on delivering theoretical knowledge but also practical application of everything you’ll be learning.


Ranging from financial models to analytical tools and risk management measures, a 360-degree practical knowledge is assured.


FRM is the Future, Are You Ready to Kickstart Yours?

Over the last decade, FRM has grown dramatically, gaining the importance it deserves. If you are a risk wiz-professional ready to build a thriving career in this domain, consider enrolling for credible online courses in finance.

You can consider the course that most professionals are relying on – financial risk management certification from IIM Kozhikode. Offered on the Talentedge platform, this course can help you land lucrative jobs and prepare you to overcome real-world challenges.



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