Project managers need to be one-man armies. While project management is all about completing a project successfully, it requires a multi-disciplinary approach of beginning, planning and executing a project within the specified budget and time constraints. So, successful project management calls for working with a clear vision.


Here are ten things that must be followed.


  1. Continuous planning – Planning is an indigenous activity in a project manager’s routine. It should be meticulous, organised and inclusive of other team managers. Plans often change, so re-prioritizing should be welcome.


  1. Phased Progress – Robust planning also involves deciding phases of project management. This is like creating smaller milestones so that progress can be measured at every step.


  1. Agility – Agility is the buzzword today in the project management today. In contrast to the traditional paper-weighed management methods, you need to be agile and proactive to handle modern business and IT pressures. Professional project management courses are a good way to learn project management tactics.


  1. Emphasis on Completion – Many projects don’t reach completion. Regular follow-ups, scheduled meetings and reviews should be undertaken to make the project pace fast towards completion.


  1. Stop Micromanaging – Learn to delegate and trust other team members. While successful managers stay in control of the entire situation, they avoid controlling every petty job that others can do well. It saves time as well as energy and boosts teamwork.


  1. Scope of Improvement – During the ongoing process, there is always something that can be done better. Management practices need to evolve as and when new methodologies come into the picture.


  1. Risk Management – Larger and more complex the project, higher the risk. There should be a special risk manager appointed wherever possible in order to identify early risks and intervening with coping strategies.


  1. Encourage Communication – It is essential that all team members participate in the project. Communication should be strong and work culture must be conducive of open exchange of ideas and opinions. Communication can overcome even the biggest hurdles.


  1. Working With a Common Vision – The entire project team should head for a common vision which is the ultimate deliverable. No compromise is allowed on quality and time and budget factor consideration is a must.


  1. End Picture Should be Clear – Throughout the process, the end deliverable and its parameters should be clear. A well-documented project management document will ensure that there are no deviations from the end picture.


These ten actions can lead to guaranteed success. If you are looking forward to a career in this field, enrol in project management courses.

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