People who pass the ACCA exam first time are just twenty five percent of the total applicants who appear for the exam. Not surprising though! It’s one of the most difficult exams to get through in one shot.

You can take multiple chances to pass the exam. However, clearing it in the first attempt would keep your resume on top when you compete in a challenging job environment.

So, are you preparing for the ACCA exam and planning to become a financial management professional? We have a few secret tips to share with which will help you to clear ACCA exams. Read on…


1.Start revising early


Allot plenty of time for revision while you frame your study calendar. Cover all the portions in advance, and leave enough time for revising it multiple times before the exam. You need to learn and allot time to thoroughly understand what you’ve learned.

This way you can perform better in your ACCA exams. Trust us! Long-term memory works better than short-term memory for your exam.


2.Think from the perspective of the examiner


Know what the examiners of ACCA exam are looking for, so that you can streamline your exam preparation. Also, know the common reasons of failure for students who have previously appeared for the exams. Make sure you correct it before appearing for the exams.

You can get an idea of an examiner’s perspective by going through the Examiner’s Interview Approach guidelines given in the website of ACCA.


3.Don’t get drowned in exam stress


As mentioned earlier, ACCA exam is not easy to clear. However, you should not drown in stress while you prepare for the exam.

Although you should prepare hard for the exam, do not assume that you don’t have a life outside. Relax for sometime during the revision days. You cannot perform well if you are stressed about the exam.


4.Keep practicing the answering techniques


Knowledge about the portions is necessary. At the same time, you should be proficient about the answering techniques as well, to come out in flying colours.

Download questions papers from the the ACCA website, and keep practising. The way in which you answer is very important in this exam.


5.Be healthy


In the run-up of the exam, don’t ignore your health. Make sure you do not skip your meals. Give rest and sleep for six to seven hours during the exam days. You can hardly perform well for the exam, if you ignore your health.

If you haven’t yet started preparing for the ACCA certification, check out our preparatory courses in association with London School of Business & Finance.

All the best!

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