Big data analytics certification courses provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the various concepts of big data analytics such as predictive analytics, social network analytics, sentiment analytics, market segmentation, visual analytics, etc. and their practical application to the various aspects of decision making and management in an organization. The best courses adopt a hands-on methodology to impart training in handling big data tools and technologies in the manner that participants can apply the learnings directly in their work.

Having discussed what big data analytics certifications provide to professionals who take up the course, let us now look at the top 6 reasons for you to opt for such courses.

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6 Reasons To Do A Big Data Analytics Certification


Growing relevance of big data analytics to leverage the power of data

As the internet and technology penetrate and percolate more and more into our everyday lives, there is an enormous amount of data being generated. Despite seeming unrelated, scattered and unstructured on the surface, when these are analyzed using big data analytics, hidden patterns, correlations, trends and other valuable insights can be unearthed. Though big data analytics is not a new field by any means, its relevance has grown over the past decade owing to the availability of voluminous data.


Top priority for organizations across industries

Big data analytics helps organizations in several different ways ranging from improving product design, sales, profitability, etc. to increasing ROI on marketing campaigns to enhancing customer experience, internal processes, etc. Therefore, it is applicable across industries, sectors and businesses of different sizes and nature.  It is, accordingly, becoming a top priority for organizations who are willing to invest in big data analytics. Certification will boost the career prospects of professionals.


Sky-rocketing demand for data experts

As you may have understood from the previous points, the demand for data experts is sky-rocketing with a world aggregate demand for nearly 1 million experts today. Having a valid big data analytics certification from a reputed university/institution will give you the authenticity, authority and skills to give your career a boost.


Lavish salaries and perks

With supply of data experts not meeting the high demand, there is a skill gap and shortage. This has led to lavish salaries and opulent perks for qualified professionals working in and entering the field.


Gaining problem-solving and decision-making skills

The core of big data analytics is problem solving and decision-making that is based on solid evidence generated from the analysis of data. Analytics courses teach these skills. Even large-scale problems can be solved in a data-driven manner with a big data analytics certification.


Strong future prospects

By 2020, the volumes of data generated is forecast to grow manifold and accordingly, the demand for big data analytics to leverage this data for valuable insights. Accordingly, the demand for skilled professionals with expertise will increase across industries and so will their remunerative packages. There is also expected to be more freelancing and consulting opportunities in the near future.


Opt for big data analytics certification and forge ahead in your career!



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