Big data is the storage and analysis of large data sets. These are complex data sets which can be both structured or unstructured. They are so large that it is not possible to work on them with traditional analytical tools. These days, organizations are realising the value they get out of big data analytics and hence they are deploying big data tools and processes to bring more efficiency in their work environment. They are willing to hire good big data analytics professionals at a good salary. In order to be a big data analyst, you should get acquainted with big data first and get certification by enrolling yourself in analytics courses online.


Top 5 Big Data Tools

There are many big data tools and processes being utilised by companies these days. These are used in the processes of discovering insights and supporting decision making. The top big data tools used these days are open source data tools, data visualization tools, sentiment tools, data extraction tools and databases. Some of the best used big data tools are mentioned below –

1. R-Programming

R is a free open source software programming language and a software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It is used by data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. It has become a highly popular tool for big data in recent years.

2. Datawrapper

It is an online data visualization tool for making interactive charts. You need to paste your data file in a csv, pdf or excel format or paste it directly in the field. Datawrapper then generates any visualization in the form of bar, line, map etc. It can be embedded into any other website as well. It is easy to use and produces visually effective charts.

3. Tableau Public

Tableau is another popular big data tool. It is simple and very intuitive to use. It communicates the insights of the data through data visualisation. Through Tableau, an analyst can check a hypothesis and explore the data before starting to work on it extensively.

4. Content Grabber

Content Grabber is a data extraction tool. It is suitable for people with advanced programming skills. It is a web crawling software.  Businesses can use it to extract content and save it in a structured format. It offers editing and debugging facility among many others for analysis later.

The market is full of big data tools these days. These tools help unlock the power that big data provides to business processes. By choosing the tools carefully, a company can increase its efficiency in its operations.



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