As we know supply chain management is an interdependent process which involves large numbers of stakeholders and tasks which need to be effectively coordinated and managed. A small error in one step can have a multiplier effect, causing huge losses.


Supply Chain Management in the Globalizing World

To add to the complexities of the supply chain, globalization had led to the steep increase in world trade and growth in industry verticals. The result is the development of global supply chains that must be effectively integrated and skilled managed by supply chain executives to maximize value, minimize costs and leakages, and ensure growth and profitability. The designing, planning, strategy and execution of global supply chains require executives to have skills and competencies that will help them to thrive in a complex and globalizing business world. Studying the best global supply chain management course will ensure that SC executives can do so.

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Executive Development Program in Global Supply Chain Management

This global supply chain management certification is an online program. This certification online program is a 5-month course that is scheduled in a manner even working professionals can take up this course while still working and fulfilling their professional commitments. It is best-suited for professionals working in the supply chain industry and wishes to upgrade their skills to effectively meet the challenges and survive in the complex, dynamic and globalizing businesses and supply chains.


This global supply chain management certification program provides a nuanced and in-depth theoretical understanding of the core supply chain concepts like design optimization, the policy of vendor selection, logistics, risk management, analytics, etc. as well as their practical implementation. The course is designed in such a manner that the participant will develop/enhance effective problem-solving skills that can be practically applied in the dynamic global supply chain environment. The participants will gain a deep insight into the industry and its contemporary challenges as well as understand how to practically apply the various tools and technology. A hands-on teaching methodology with a mix of interactive lectures, case studies, exercises, etc. is used.


If you are a supply chain or operations professional or a research scholar with an aptitude for supply chain management and who wishes to gain theoretical and practical knowledge about the field and upgrade yourself with contemporary practices, you must consider taking up this global supply chain management certification. It is the best online course in India for global supply chain management that will give your career a boost.


Consistent Automation can be achieved only when there are standardized processes. It is absurd to improve any process without standardization. Companies should strive to standardize and build robust supply chain management programs to stabilize the process before uninterrupted improvements can be made.


Need for Strong Global Supply Chain Systems 

Companies have a prompt competitive advantage over competitors when they have a robust global supply chain management. XLRI logistics supply chain management course provides you with unique insights into logistics and helps you develop strategic and analytical tools that will boost your organization’s growth.


The Process to Build a Robust Global Supply Chain



  • Supply chain management programs give quality inputs as to how goods and services are to be procured at decreased costs and comply with the company’s terms of quantity, quality and timely delivery. This is imperative not only to meet the high customer expectations but also to remain in the top position among your competitors,


Tips for Creating a Robust Global Supply Chain


Be Clear on Expectancy and Deliverables

  • Organizations follow similar performance indicators and market assessment techniques irrespective of the desired business outcomes. This can be detrimental and could lead to wastage of money, time and increase in risk.
  • Assessment of each engagement should be done realistically according to the required outputs you wish to achieve while keeping in mind the true capabilities of workforces, workloads and systems.


Supply Continuity is Critical

When establishing an effective global supply chain, product development and price per product plays a central role in the swiftness and robustness of the development. By working hand-in-hand with your partners, you can collaboratively assess if it is feasible to utilize an off the peg product or if any specific product tailoring is required.


Delivery Should be an Experience and Operations Ready

Highly skilled engineers should not be burdened with menial or first-level elements of configuration in IT. It is wastage of precious resources that incurs heavy costs to the business in the long run. Organizations should be looking into how a partner can contribute to the supply chain process before delivery by optimally sharing resources.


The Choice is Good if it is in Controlled Limits

The choice should be offered to suppliers, businesses and customers. And, it allows an organization not to be solely dependent on a single product line and market base. Flexible integration of products and service providers should be done through a roster, pipeline and budget that helps the organization to prepare for any global supply chain disruptions such as competitive actions and fluctuating resource demands.


Final Thoughts 

With the above points in mind, to build a robust global supply chain, every organization should have a defined requirement, understand the foreseeable price fluctuations of the product, and make suitable considerations and preparations for currency changes, logistical constraints and component shortages.


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