A myriad of business analytics courses is available across the internet as well as through on-campus and other distance learning programs. Choosing the right business analytics course corresponds to starting out well, akin to the adage “well begun is half done”. It is not simply a matter of being a certified professional, the quality of education you have received will determine how successful you become.

Few tips to help you decide which is the best analytics certification in India:

  • The type of institute: The first thing you must look at is the kind of institute offering the course and what kind of course they offer. You then choose on the basis of your need and convenience.
  • Universities and colleges: You will get full-fledged degree courses here. If you have the time and finances, getting a degree will add to your resume value. Some universities and colleges also offer short term certification courses for specialized areas such as business or data analytics. If you have time or finance constraints or if you already have a degree, then you could go for the certification courses.
  • Training institutes: With highly focused certification courses, these institutes provide due rigour to the course. Industry experts are often invited to conduct these courses.
  • Software and Statistics institutes: Software industry leaders often have their own certification and training programs. Examples for these are the Google analytics program and data analytics from the Hubspot Academy. Completing a certification course from such an institute will provide the latest knowledge as well as industry-specific expertise.
  • Check the entire package: Any course has to be a bouquet offering in order to be considered the best in class. Here are a few things in the package you must check out:
  • Content: What will you get to learn from this course? If you have any specific business analytics needs in mind, check out if the course is offering that as part of its curriculum.
  • Industry contact: Does the institute have great industry contacts? This refers to having alumni in high positions and getting industry experts to campus for exposure to industry-wide practices.
  • Faculty: Since you are looking specifically for a business analytics course, does the faculty have industry experience or exposure in this field?
  • Assignments: Cramming never gets you anywhere. Practical and field assignments do. What kind of assignments are given by the faculty?
  • Assessment: Are the assignments assessed and graded by the faculty as is a common practice among top institutes? Assessments help you understand your shortcomings. Successful completion of the course must be awarded certification for the expertise attained in business analytics.


Imagine figuring out well in advance what your target audience is likely to buy and at what price point should you be selling your product so as to maximise your profits. Analytics is believed to be the magic wand in business operations. It helps the businesses in spotting gaps and problems, assists you in knowing what is working, and lets you make better decisions rapidly.


Benefits Of Analytics


  • Assists In Forming A Robust Supply Chain

Customers these days shop online for two reasons- better prices and convenience. This is the reason why the supply chain has to be robust. It is your duty as an analyst that your products are being advertised on your site available in adequate quantities in the inventory. Online analytics certification programs can turn out to be of huge help in mastering these skills. As an analyst, you must learn to strike a balance between demand and supply.

  • Evaluate Information To Detect Fraud

Analytics plays an essential role in the detection of fraud. Since analytics algorithms can detect patterns on the basis of customer behaviour, it warns you when an abnormal transaction is detected. As an analyst, you must send a notification to the customer asking about who is trying to conduct a specific transaction and wait for their approval before processing the transaction.

  • Anticipate What Is In The Store For You

Analytics for e-commerce merchants assists them in determining future trends on the basis of several factors including the size of transactions, category of products, the season and so on.

  • Determine Inventory For The Next Season

E-commerce analytics is immensely helpful in determining which products you are required to continue stocking and which are required to be reconsidered for sale in the next season.

  • Measure The Market

Analytics takes good care of the marketing strategy by measuring ad clicks, channel data and promotion effectiveness, and engagement time of the visitors on your website. By calculating these metrics, you can establish your return on investment and fine-tune your marketing strategy for the upcoming future.

  • Personalize The Customers’ Experiences

Analytics helps the sellers study the behaviour of the users and establish how the site should be designed based on the preference of the customers, the product landing page to engage the customer, and convert them into shopping or purchasing.

  • Helps In Knowing Your Customers

Sellers need to understand the customers, their demographics, and their behaviour. All such analysis is helpful in establishing the product strategy and any reformation needed to meet the business revenue goals. Such analysis can also assist you in determining what promotions to launch so as to maximise conversions of visitors who are going through your website.


Wrapping Up!

The use of analytics to drive e-commerce businesses is on the rise across the industries. It is the best time to grab the opportunity of pursuing online analytics certification programs which will help you in honing or mastering the requisite skills. One such course is business analytics online program from IIM Kozhikode. Offered by a premier B School like IIM Kozhikode, business analytics online program will help you advance your career in the domain.



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