Applied Financial Risk Management (FRM), in the world of finance, refers to the practice of advanced identification of potential risks, analyzing them with the latest Busines Intelligence tools and then taking preventive steps to mitigate the risks. There are a plethora of finance certification courses in India that can train and make both beginners and seasoned professionals to tackle the uncertainties in risk management and safeguard the interests of the stakeholders of the organization.


Financial risks are a necessary corollary of investment decisions. Financial risks such as capital market volatility, recession and bankruptcy are minimized and controlled by skilled FRM professions who keep themselves abreast with the latest risk management procedures by completing financial risk management online courses.


What Top Companies Expect from Applied Financial Risk Management Professionals from IIM Kozhikode?


  • Natural communicators: Presentation of external and internal findings to people with varying abilities of financial knowledge, especially to the top management.


  • Excellent number-crunching skills: Identification of certain costs and subsequent evaluation of corporate projections require good knowledge of numbers. Financial risk management online courses provide opportunities to finance professionals to go beyond number -crunching and introduce them to number-decoding, enhancing customer profitability through analytical tools and segmentation methods,


  • Exude an Inspiring attitude: Finance professionals must have top-rate persuasive capabilities to convince the clients that their business is being handled with the utmost expertise and professional acumen.


Applied Financial Risk Management Course from IIM Kozhikode


  • IIM Kozhikode offers learners a unique foresight and unmatchable expertise to manage and identify financial risks through state of the art finance certification courses in India also known as Applied FRM course.
  • Professionals in Financial Institutions and Corporates all across the globe come to IIM Kozhikode to get an in-depth understanding of financial risk management and measurement.
  • Learners are exposed to risk management concepts, techniques and tools. Through an integrated approach, the FRM program in IIM Kozhikode lays key emphasis on the mathematical ideas and algorithms that are used in the preparation of mathematical models.


Highlights of Applied FRM course in IIM Kozhikode


  • Prestigious certificate of completion that is an asset for landing jobs in big companies.
  • Hands-on exposure to various financial tools and models.
  • Discovering the dynamics of risk management practices and their implementation in organizations




The main objective is to assist the learners to apply their conceptual learning to real-time organisational decision scenarios. SLIQ cloud campus enables students to get access to valuable learnings, assessments, reference materials and assignments, Students will have no-holds-barred flexibility to approach professors during real-time in classes or off time to raise pertinent questions and get incisive and relevant answers.


Summing Up


IIM Kozhikode is an apex institution in India that can transform the learning abilities of students by exposing them to cutting edge concepts like Collective Risk Management, Changes in Risk Management ownership, changing attitudes of organizations towards cultivating a strong risk culture and Conversion of Risk Management into a performance enabler.


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