The role of Business Analytics and Big Data in an organization is like chilli flakes on pizza. While you may think it is not necessary, the pizza tastes better when you add it.


We are in a fast-paced world where changes are constant. Start-ups come and go, larger corporations succeed and fail – nothing is certain. When competition is thick, business success is not easy to maintain. There is no guarantee that you can stay ahead of the curb forever unless you decide to play smart. Enter: Business Analytics and Big Data.


Business Analytics gives you insights into the mind and behaviour of your consumer. With enormous amounts of data simplified into meaningful inferences, analytics helps you protect your business from unpredictability and failure.


These interpretations further help innovate and reinvent businesses to succeed, which have made the field Business Analytics and Big Data very popular and lucrative. If you would like to build a career in the fast-growing domain, you can build requisite skills with the Executive Certificate Program in Business Analytics and Big Data from IIM Kashipur.


This big data analytics course helps participants understand how big data technologies and data mining techniques enable data-driven decisions. It enables participants to apply popular and contemporary technologies in big data ecosystem and statistical packages for applications.


Some of the other benefits of this course are:

  • Includes best practices using open-source programming language and machine learning frameworks. This big data analytics course will particularly benefit participants interested in a career in data science, analytics and consulting.
  • Opportunity to earn a Certificate of Completion from IIM Kashipur
  • Learn to apply techniques such as Predictive Analytics, Social Network Analytics & Sentiment Analytics to improve decision making
  • Hands-on exposure to popular tools in Business Analytics and Big Data like R, Palisade, Tableau, Python etc.
  • Application of analytics to various business aspects, concepts of machine learning and their business applications


Learn to make smarter decisions for improved business performance with Business Analytics. The Executive Certificate Program in Business Analytics and Big Data from IIM Kozhikode will help you with all that and more.

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