In the stressful times of today, one of the biggest steps that organizations can take is to re-energize their workforce. That will affect the overall productivity in a positive manner. The important aspect to remember is what steps to take to make this happen. Unlike popular belief, these are not expensive or high investment initiatives, but minor changes with big implications. Leadership courses in India usually cover what these could be so that leaders can drive this process.


Here are some tips on how you can go about recharging your workforce and improving overall productivity.

  1. Create de-stressing zones – There are usually many conference rooms in any organization. Creating even one of those into a small de-stressing zone will make a difference. While our open cubicles result in better communication, they also lead to higher stress at times because of the discussions that take place. Sometimes individuals need quiet time just to unwind in the middle of a hectic day or when too much distracting conversation is happening around them. Providing them with such a place is a great idea. This can be an area where no meetings or calls are allowed. A person can simply sit and read, or think or even doodle and draw in his or her book ! Give them the opportunity to disconnect for short periods even during a workday.
  2. Keep the office furniture comfortable – Usually, some of the chairs and other infrastructure can cause the person to sit in a way that causes physical stress, and that in turn impacts their health. Ensure that your furniture is comfortable and inviting. The common area sofas and tables should be welcoming in appearance. It is believed that a lot of positive energy comes from the visual appeal of your surroundings. Ensure that you factor that into your office spaces. The colours used, the kind of images and messages on the walls, the cafeteria and so on, are all part of this overall infrastructure.
  3. Create policies and programs for work-life balance – Make sure that employees are provided with ample opportunities to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Design policies which support the employees in various important phases of their life. Have programs which encourage them to do more than just working in the organization or carrying out their jobs. Sensitize them to the risks of overworking and burnout. Have events that allow them to include family.

These are simple and yet impactful ways to make sure that you are recharging your workforce regularly. It also shows that you care for their overall well-being and not just how they contribute to the organization’s financial performance.



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