As an HR practitioner, you must be aware of how intricately your leadership strategy is connected to the overall organizational growth. After all, the role that has the biggest and most direct impact on a company’s performance is its leadership pool.  If you undertake any of the leadership courses online you will learn more about this linkage.

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4 Strategies to Help You Become a Transformational Leader


Meanwhile, let us take a quick look at how you can transform your current leadership strategy to drive your organization’s growth.

  1. Value Alignment – We do want our leaders to be high performers and self-motivated achievers. But alongside that we want our leaders to also be aligned to what the organization stands for. If the focus is only on achievement some results or moving into the next position of power, there is a serious issue with the leadership strategy. So change that aspect to make the development process more holistic and factor in the aspect of how leaders need to align their thought process to the company’s values and beliefs. That is what will lead to long term and sustainable growth.
  2. Business clarity – We assume that our leaders know exactly what the business needs. We also assume that they are clear about the business goals. While this might be true in many or some cases, communication of the goals, to ensure that business clarity is present right through all levels of leadership, is very important. This clarity is what will lend the right kind of focus for organizational growth.
  3. Agility – Very often organizations design their leadership strategy and stick to it, irrespective of market conditions or internal upheavals. That is not necessarily helpful for the growth of the company. Transform your leadership strategy to create the kind of buffers it needs to have for it to be changed quickly if the need arises. Having an agile business strategy is important because how you develop your leaders will be determined by what the market is doing as well as what your organization needs at that point in time.
  4. Accountability – This seems like stating the obvious. It is obvious that leaders are accountable for organizational growth. But is it obvious that they are ready to be accountable for changes that they need to make at a personal level? The leadership strategy is usually focused on providing experiences from within the organization. There are hardly any initiatives or experiences that are designed to make the leader introspect or become mindful. Factor that element into the strategy because that is what will make a big difference.

These are some basic but effective ways in which to change your leadership strategy. The changes have a direct impact on the kind of growth the organization follows.


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