Business Management has become an indispensable skill today. Whether you are in IT or Healthcare or Fashion — Business Managers are running the show everywhere. Professionals with Business Management skill have an added advantage over their peers who lack knowledge of.

MICA, one of India’s leading institutes in marketing has designed this course in Business Management, keeping in mind the trends and requirements of the industry. Delivered by Talentedge, this Certificate Program in Business Management is the key to your career growth. If you still don’t believe us, here are 4 reasons you that will make you confident about taking up this course and moving ahead in your career.

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4 Reasons to do a Business Management Program


Score a better pay package

Let’s admit it: we are all looking for good jobs to get paid better. Certification in Business Management on your resume lets employers – both current and prospective – know that you are a skilled professional with expertise in different domains. It opens you up to better roles and improved salary packages, thereby increasing your value in the job market.


Gain employer support

Learning while on the job has its benefits. Certification in Business Management lets you implement what you learn, at your workplace. This will help your employer notice the significance of your skills & contribution, your ability to execute, manage and deliver projects successfully. Employees that are always bringing something new and productive to the table are often sought after. With this skill in your pocket, employers will surely look for ways to retain your talent.


Join the startup league

Got any entrepreneurial ideas? Well, this course will certainly help you realise some of your ideas and enable you to start your own venture. Gain all the necessary expertise to launch your startup — from writing a business plan to acquiring venture capital to launching an IPO.


Grow your network

A course from a renowned institute like MICA is an opportunity to grow your network. Over the course of this program, you will build important relationships with other participants, working in different organizations. Gaining the alumni status from MICA will serve you well throughout your career. Being part of this alumni network can be useful in mentoring, job searches and building professional contacts.

Don’t stall career progression any longer. Check out MICA’s Business Management program today and put your career on the fast track.


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