Some people are looking for growth, stability, and job security, while others are looking for an exciting job that never gets boring. Well, a career in project management can be the ideal choice for all.


If you have ever considered working in the management field, be it project management or operations management, you must read on, as there are some exciting benefits of building a career in this domain.


And, if you are confused between building a career in project management and operations management, read here. However, if project management tickles your fancy, discover the benefits of building a career in this domain.

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Benefits of Building a Career in Project Management


1. The Demand for Project Managers is Rising

  • 93 % of organisations use standardised project management practices.
  • By 2027, the PMI (Project Management Institute) expects 22 million new project management job openings.


What do these staggering stats tell you? That’s right; the demand for project management professionals is on the rise. Every organisation, startup and especially multinational corporations are scouring for project management professionals who can manage multiple projects.


High demand also means high competition, so make sure you have the requisite skill set to stand out from the rest. You can hone the existing skills and acquire new ones by enrolling for a credible project management certification.


2. Scope of Project Management is Extremely Wide

Ranging from sales, marketing, finance, software & development, IT, communication, and healthcare, every field can leverage from the expertise of project managers. Moreover, this career option gives you the privilege to work in a different variety of environments and industries.


Except for some specialised sectors like construction or architecture, which require in-depth domain knowledge and advanced certifications, you can find a job in almost any industry. Consequently, this multiplies your opportunity of landing a job in the industry of preference.


3. Lucrative Salaries are the USP

Considering the high demand, organisations are ready to offer high salary packages that are lucrative. Whether you work as a software project manager or an IT systems project manager, you can earn an ambitious salary that offers long-term stability.


What’s more, every company needs professionals who can make their job easy and protect them from threats and competition to ensure stability. A credible project management certification is what you need to make this happen. IIM Raipur is offering one such online course you can rely on. The IIM Raipur project management certification course boasts flexible and comprehensive learning that can help you prepare for the projects of today and tomorrow.


4. Plenty of Advancement Opportunities

There may be hundreds of reasons why project management matters. And that is exactly why this domain offers you unlimited opportunities to grow. With experience, professional project management certifications, and skill advancement, you can make your way towards a thriving career in this domain.


Additionally, you don’t have to confine yourself to a specific country or region. The skills you’ll gain by pursuing a project management certification are transferrable. So you can prepare for global-level project management opportunities as well.


5. The Job Doesn’t Have to be Monotonous like in Finance or Sales

Another upside to building a career in project management is that the job never has to be boring. For instance, the problem with finance is that all you have to do all day every day is crunch numbers, prepare financial statements, and make sure the assets match the liabilities.


However, in project management, you can work on new projects all the time. In fact, if you have enough experience and skills, you can work on multiple projects at once.


Isn’t that exciting? You never have to work on one thing for the rest of your career, and you get to learn something new every day.


1. Easy to Transition

The problem with most career options is that once you start a job, work a couple of years, it’s challenging to transition into a new career. For instance, if you have been working in finance for, say 5 years, it will be extremely difficult to transition into marketing or software development unless you are ready to start at the bottom.


However, such challenges are limited in the project management domain. The broad scope and transferrable skills of the domain allow project managers to transition into new industries and sectors easily.


How to Build a Thriving Career?


  • Pursue a Project Management Certification

Most aspiring project management professionals have a preconceived belief that a project management certification is not vital for pursuing a career in this domain.


However, a project management certification is an essential credential for PM professionals. Your compensation and job role is well-dependent on your certification. So make sure you enrol for a credible one.


One such online course you can rely on for expert guidance is the IIM Raipur project management certification course. Offered on the Talentedge platform, this course from IIM Raipur has been curated to help professionals gain hands-knowledge and practical experience in the domain. By enrolling for the IIM Raipur project management certification course, you can gain 360-degree knowledge into every facet of project management and get certified by IIM Raipur, one of the country’s top B-schools.


  • Hone Your Skills

By upskilling, you can improve your capabilities and confidence and become more well-rounded as a project manager. As a project manager, you’ll be required to quickly adapt to change, be proactive about planning, formulate different strategies and techniques, and manage conflicts. All these tasks require an advanced skill set that can make you an invaluable asset to the company.


Over to You…

There you have it – the benefits of pursuing a career in project management. Are you ready to take the first step?


If so, scour the world wide web for project management certifications and find a credible one. Usually, these certifications are for 6-12 months, depending upon the syllabus. Furthermore, a credible PMP certification will cost you around INR 80,000/- + GST.


For a well-rounded education and a comprehensive understanding of current project management practices, consider enrolling for the IIM Raipur project management certification course offered on the Talentedge platform.


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