Budgeting projects is crucial for a business and poorly managed projects are definitely a nightmare. The need for efficient project management, thus, is quintessential for businesses. Leading corporates have realised the need for an expert resource to overcome hurdles in running a successful project. Having said that, now almost every organization has started appreciating the need to hire a Project Manager.


With the greater dynamism and complexity of business & macro-environment, project management skills and knowledge have become a requisite across different levels of the organizational structure. This fact alone escalates the importance of Project Management as a skill that all professionals and business managers must seek for the time ahead. These skills are crucial to be able to successfully manage business projects for the sustained profitability and existence of organizations.


The Executive Development Program in Project Management for Senior Professionals from XLRI aims to provide a holistic view of Project Management that would not only cover modern tools & techniques, but also topics such as project governance, change management, financial aspects, project audit, and project performance assessment as well.


Some of the gains which can be derived out this program are:


  1. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded a certificate of completion from XLRI
  2. Opportunities for peer learning in a group setting of high-experience professionals
  3. Live & Interactive online classes for real classroom experience – Not recorded videos
  4. Association with an industry collaborator to share current domain trends and contemporary practices
  5. Separate modules for IT and Non-IT Project Managers. Pursue both custom modules for an additional fee of Rs.18000 + GST
  6. Hands-on interface with project simulations & tools along with workshop on Project Risk Management


Here is a comprehensive list of modules covered under the Executive Development Program in Project Management for Senior Professionals from XLRI


  • Module 1: Basic Concepts & Applications of Project Management
  1. What the Program is all about
  2. Unique Challenges in the Project Management Environment
  3. Tools and Steps in Project Planning
  4. Frameworks for Project Management (Agile, PRINCE2, PMBOK)
  5. CPM & PERT
  6. Critical Chain Project Management


  • Module 2: Project Modelling and Management with Applications in MS-Project
  1. Project Management Simulation Exercise – Scope, Resources & Scheduling
  2. An Introduction to MS-Project
  3. Interpreting the output of an MS-Project Report
  4. Applications to Technical Scheduling and Resource Scheduling
  5. Resource Levelling
  6. Tracking and Monitoring Project Progress
  7. Modern tools for Project Management (TILOS, Bentley, SD BIM Modeling, RIB2)


  • Module 3: Financial & Risk Aspects of Projects
  1. Application of Financial Techniques for Analysis of Projects (NPV, IRR, Payback, Discounted Payback)
  2. Earned Value Management, the PMI Standard, and the ANSI/EIA-748-B Standard for EVM Systems
  3. Project Budgeting & Cost Control
  4. Project Cost Estimation & Cost Reduction Strategies for Ongoing Projects


  • Module 4: Workshop on Risk Assessment & Management in Projects
  1. Financial Risk Assessment
  2. Designing a Project Risk Management Plan (Risk Identification, Risk Prioritization, Risk Response, Risk Management Strategies)


  • Module 5: People Management in Projects
  1. Stakeholder Analysis & Management
  2. Manpower Planning & Staffing in Projects
  3. Managing Teams in Projects
  4. Performance Assessment & Evaluation of Project Teams


  • Module 6: Project Governance & Monitoring
  1. Application of the ADKAR framework for Change Management
  2. PMO Charters & Project Management Policies
  3. Project Portfolio Management
  4. Project Audits
  5. Strategic Alignment & Business Case Development for Projects (An overall project assignment shall also be given)


  • Module 7A: Custom Module A for Non-IT Professionals
  1. Business Law Concepts for the Indian Project Management Scenario (Selected Concepts from Contract Law & Sale of Goods Law)
  2. Industrial Relations & Labor Laws for Project Teams
  3. Project Financing & Funding Alternatives
  4. Project Recovery
  5. Contract & Vendor Management
  6. Procurement Strategies for Projects


  • Module 7B: Custom Module B for IT Professionals
  1. Software Development Lifecycle & Software Project Management
  2. Deliverables Management in Software Projects – Software Maturity & Release Management, Technical Environment Management
  3. Software Project Management Methodologies – Agile, Managing ERP Projects, Offshore Delivery Project Management
  4. Project Planning, Resource Management, and Cost Estimation for IT Projects
  5. Quality Control, Software Vendor Management, and Contract Management for IT Projects
  6. Governance, Risk Management, and Change Management for IT Projects


So if you are responsible to set an expectation around what can be delivered, by when it can be delivered, and for how much, then project management skills become an imperative part of your CV. Enrol yourself for the Executive Development Program in Project Management for Senior Professionals from XLRI.


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