Businesses are more dependent on technology now because it helps in speeding up processes, avoiding errors that can happen with humans and quick analysis that is not possible manually. Business management aids help you run various departments of the company efficiently and accurately. Small and large establishments benefit greatly from automation. This has led to the creation and marketing of different software packages that can help run an enterprise efficiently.

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Select The Business Management Tools

When companies started adopting automation, the IT market exploded with so many tools that one can be confused about which one to buy. There are packages to manage accounts, finance, customers, data, projects, and whatever departments are there in a firm. But adopting the wrong software systems can have the opposite effect. A business management certificate online program can tell you how important it is to know the most effective tools. Let us see the best business management aids available now.


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1. nTask – For Managing Your Projects

Companies must manage projects efficiently to become successful. This is why the list starts with a project management tool. This software provides ideal solutions for all your project needs. It helps in planning, collaborating, and keeping track of any project in a single application. This tool facilitates tracking the activities using attractive Gantt charts and timesheets.


Top Features:

    • Allows you to add things as the work progresses
    • Delegate work to team members with complete transparency
    • Monitor project progress with Gantt charts and timesheets
    • Facility to comment within tasks for quick feedback


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2. Slack – Team Collaboration Software

Avoid miscommunication in business with this tool. It is a very efficient team collaboration aid. You can use Slack to onboard new employees, share files, or just convey messages to team members. IIM Raipur project management certificate course can tell you how important it is to be able to integrate various other applications. This application allows third-party integrations.


Top Features:

  • Separate communication channels for projects, teams, and different topics
  • Able to integrate various other third-party business applications
  • Search the required messages instantly for immediate action
  • Receive notifications of messages within the app

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3. Freshbooks – To Manage Your Accounting

Nothing can be more important than accounting for a business. It is essential to perform tasks accurately as the information generated from accounting records can influence important decisions. Freshbooks helps to easily manage accounts and generate invoices with this software. It facilitates tracking the time your project team takes for different tasks. Billing to different clients is very easy with this feature.


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Top Features:

    • Generate useful accounting reports
    • Chat with team members within the app
    • Provides cost estimates easily and quickly to your customers
    • A detailed dashboard allows you to view key functions in one screen


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4. Gmail – Most Efficient Email Service

Anyone who has done the business management certificate online program can tell you how important emails are to a firm. It is the most popular email platform that is being used for both official and personal communication. This email service comes packed with many features that can help in organizing your emails and retrieve them quickly.

Top Features:

  • Spam filtering helps to avoid viewing unwanted mails in your primary folder
  • Emails are categorized as promotional, social, and primary to improve efficiency
  • Instant messaging and video chat features allow for quick communication
  • Multiple language support can help to communicate with people from different countries

5. Bitrix24 – Helps Keep Your Customers With You

Losing customers and trying to win them back is probably the most time-consuming and expensive process in any organization. You can manage company clients and automate marketing for small and medium businesses in the free version. The paid version has highly useful customer relationship management features along with email integration. Different teams can manage their clients separately.


Top Features:

    • Manage your leads and ensure conversion quickly
    • Generate sales reports to see how each team is performing
    • Contact customers through multiple channels
    • You can integrate various other applications to improve business

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6. Dropbox – Store Your Files On The Cloud

Businesses generate a lot of data and storing them securely and using them when needed, is not an easy task unless you have the best cloud storage facility. IIM Raipur project management certificate course stresses the need to store files in a secure location. Dropbox helps to properly organize your files and makes it easy for sharing at any time.

Top Features:

  • Organized storage facility for your data
  • Facilitates sharing of files quickly
  • Allows you to restrict access to selected people
  • Integration with other business tools possible

7. Intercom – Provide Support To Your Customers

Customers continuously seek support from the service providers. Poor support can result in them migrating to competitors. It is essential to ensure that you are always available to answer their queries. This tool allows for easy automation of communication with customers using AI and user insights. Live chats allow easy communication with customers and to send customized messages.

Top Features:

  • Enables live user data and performance tracking
  • Allows you to choose between chat and instant messages for communication
  • Software helps to divide your customers into different segments
  • Use customer behavior to create custom messages

8. BamboolHR – Recruit And Manage Employees

The demand for highly talented people has made HR a very important function in a company. Software that can help them recruit and manage employees is essential to retain good talents in the organization. A business management online program can teach you the importance of facilitating the growth and development of employees in an enterprise.

Top Features:

  • Allows to assimilate, manage and retrieve employee data easily
  • Features many reporting metrics
  • Enables tracking of individual employee performance
  • Employees can access benefits and medical plans

To Sum Up

Intense competition has made it essential for all firms to perform with maximum efficiency. The use of business management software will help managers to perform their duties more productively while also saving time that they can use for creative work. Quick access to data is very important in all office functions and these tools help in that function. These applications work well on mobile devices which means that you don’t have to be tied to your chairs for monitoring the functioning of your department.


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