In today’s world many individuals do not follow the regular trajectory of undergoing a general business management program immediately after graduating and then looking for jobs. They start by looking for jobs that might interest them, proceed to undertake a course that suits their needs and transform their jobs into careers. That is why the HR courses online are becoming important. Those who believe that they are good at some of the attributes that an HR practitioner needs, choose jobs to gain experience. It is when they decide to take a course that they define their career paths.

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In a scenario like this, how does one find the right HR job opportunities and make a career? Here are some ways to do that.


  1. Get a credible certification –  HR courses online are present across many platforms by many vendors. Do your research well and identify a credible certification course which can ensure that you have a viable career after you complete it. That is a good way to find job opportunities in this space. The course should be market recognized and companies should know of it as one which adds to your knowledge base of Human resources. The courses should also be in-depth and make you an expert in your chosen domain. That is the reason why a company will decide to hire you.
  2. Be connected on HR networks – Virtual communities and networks are present on every social or professional platform which connects individuals. You need to assess those and see which ones will fit your needs and have job opportunities that you want to apply for. Becoming an active member on those and looking for roles is a proactive approach that you can follow. HR careers can take off from any of those networks, so remember to be active, engage in discussions on those and share your ideas, as well.
  3. Apply through the company websites and portals like LinkedIn– All companies encourage individuals to read up about them through their websites and apply directly as well. They display the roles they have across functions and locations. Hence applying through that route is a great way to find HR job opportunities. In addition to that, portals like LinkedIn, and Monster offer a range of HR jobs that you can filter and apply for , based on your interest, experience level and fitment to the job.


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These are some ways in which you can actively look for and find HR job opportunities, which you can then convert into viable career paths.


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