Human Resource Management is the act of recruiting, hiring, deploying and managing the employees of an organization. An organization’s HR department is generally answerable for making, placing into impact and supervising approaches, administering workers and the relationship of the organization with its employees.

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HRM is truly employee management with an accentuation on the employees as the assets of the organization. Like with the other business assets, the objective of an HR Manager is to make efficient use of the employees, thereby lessening risk and amplifying the rate of profitability (ROI).


Objectives of Human Resource Management


  • Societal Objectives- Take effective measures in response to the ethical and social needs that are of importance with respect to the company and its employees.


  • Organizational Objectives- Measures that will ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the organization. This may include recruiting, hiring and training the right number of employees for a task or maintaining high employee retention rates.


  • Functional Objectives- Instructions used to put a smooth function with HR functioning within the organization. This includes efficient and effective allocation of resources.


  • Personal Objectives- Assets used to help achieve the individual objectives of every organization. This incorporates offering the open door for instruction or vocation improvement just as keeping up representative fulfillment.


Functions of HR Management

  • Employee recruitment, onboarding, and retention
  • Talent and workforce management
  • Job role assignment and career development
  • Employee engagement and recognition
  • Team building


Why Human Resource Certification Is Necessary?


Human resource certification is a vocation long responsibility that exhibits devotion, believability and an authority of the standards of HR to your bosses, customers, staff individuals far and wide. Accreditation confirms the venture you have made in your HR vocation and holds a perceived spot in the calling.


While surveying necessities for human resource management jobs, it is evident that in the beginning, it was apparent that HR certification is rapidly moving from “being wanted” to “being required.” Truth be told, HR certification is presently observed as a key expansion to any HR expert’s resume, especially as they are presented with complex difficulties.


Human Resource Management Course


Human Resource Management Course doesn’t just concentrate on Human Resource Management themes but, in addition, also covers Economics, Finance, General Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Production, Operation, and Decision Sciences and Strategic Management. There are offline and online human resource management courses available to choose from.  The course covers the following topics:-


  • Employment Relations Law – Law of Industrial Relations
  • Employment Relations Law – Law of Social Security
  • Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • Fundamentals of Industrial Relations
  • Fundamentals of Labor Laws
  • Human Resource Planning
  • Performance Management and Appraisal
  • Wage Determination and Administration


Summing up


The job of HRM is to deal with the individuals inside a work environment to accomplish the organization’s strategy.  At the point when done adequately, HR managers can help enlist new experts that have abilities important for advancing the organization’s objectives just as help with the preparation and improvement of current workers to meet targets.


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