Conceptualized and made your digital marketing strategy? Rolled it out? Now when you evaluate the results does it seem like there are elements of it that you should be changing? Almost all organizations who venture into the space of digital marketing have to revisit its approach or how it works and reshape it. Getting it right the first time is a rarity. Online digital marketing courses also share strategies of when to figure out the need to change and how to change.

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Let us take a look at when you should change your digital marketing strategy.

  1. When your product or service changes – This could be true for startups where the product or service itself might undergo changes and iterations. The digital marketing strategy needs to be revised immediately since it is the widest form of visibility and the best source to get information updates out to a larger audience. If you are launching new product lines that are diverse, the strategy needs to be revisited to include that.
  2. When the strategy does not yield results – This seems logical, but a lot of companies fail to do this. They do not let go of their digital marketing strategy because they are concerned about the changes it might lead to. But one has to assess whether it is meeting its purpose or not and then revise it if it is not yielding the optimal results. There are many parameters that different organizations use, for assessing the strategy’s success or failure.
  3. When you change your vision – As your company’s vision changes, you need to adapt your digital marketing strategy to reflect that. The entire strategy might need overhauling if the changes are big.
  4. When it does not resonate with your values – Many organizations try and apply a strategy that seems to be relevant as per market best practices or what their competitors are doing. However, if there is a clear disconnect with your values and philosophy, chances are that it will not work well. There will be discrepancies in the way you truly want it to be and the manner in which it is being implemented to suit external market needs. Social media is a powerful tool. It can be used to create a brand and position is correct. Remember to retain the brand value you want your organization to stand for.

These are some major reasons for changing your digital marketing strategy when the need arises. It cannot remain as is if it loses its relevance on any one or more of the above aspects.


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