• Are you looking to polish your marketing skills?
  • Are you thinking of switching career paths to digital marketing?
  • Are you aspiring to become a digital marketer?

Well, whatever your reasons are for entering the digital space, conquering the mighty old game of the internet is not easy. This is why here are the top digital marketing online courses you can pursue career advancement.

Let’s go digital!

Win the Internet Marketing Game with These Digital Marketing Online Courses


1. PF Certificate Program in Digital Marketing, IIM Raipur

This 4.5-months course on Talentedge is considered to be one of the best online marketing courses by IIM Raipur. As you may know, IIM Raipur is the alma-mater for marketing, advertising, and communication professionals, which is why this course is ideal for any working-class professional or aspirant. This digital marketing online course aims to familiarise participants with key aspects of digital marketing which include:-

Not only just that, but this program is considered to be one of the best online marketing courses by IIM Raipur because of the Live & interactive learning offered by Talentedge and the quality content curated by the eminent faculty of IIM Raipur.

2. Executive Development Program in Digital Marketing, IIM Raipur

  • Are you a marketing manager aspiring to gain in-depth knowledge into implementing digital marketing in your organisation?
  • Are you a sales and marketing professional seeking expert guidance for career enhancement?
  • Are you an entrepreneur who wishes to use digital media to promote and grow their business?
  • Or, are you an IT professional looking at business implications of digital technology for marketing and advertising?

Well, in any case, this 6-months digital marketing online course is ideal for you. This course from one of the best  B-schools in the country, IIM Raipur, aims to impart expert knowledge to participants who aspire to leverage digital marketing techniques to improve the company’s performance, relationship with customers as well as the target audience, and the reputation.


3. Executive Certificate Program Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy, IIM Raipur

Offered on one of the best Edtech platforms, Talentedge, the digital marketing online course from IIM Raipur strives to provide a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly evolving world of digital marketing. The course covers not only the theoretical aspects of digital marketing but also the practical implementation in real-life situations. This 5-months course is ideal for early marketing professionals, business heads, entrepreneurs, and working professionals on their way to a higher job role.


4. Hootsuite Social Marketing Certification

Social media requires robust professionals who can take charge of the digital space. This means employers all over the globe are looking for candidates that are committed to honing their skills and staying ahead of the internet game. Hootsuite’s social marketing certification can help you acquire all the latest abilities and tools required to ace the internet game. This certification course tests your existing knowledge and enables you to inherit new skills, ultimately helping you become a social marketing wizard.


5. Facebook BluePrint Certification

Facebook gets over 22 billion ad clicks per year. This means the digital marketing experts know what they are doing, and are pretty great at it. Therefore, a comprehensive digital marketing online course from such a platform can help you boost not only your resume but also your chances for a promotion. As of now, Facebook is offering two certifications in this domain – the Facebook Certified Planning Professional and the Facebook Certified Buying Professional. Both these courses are ideal for aspiring or entry-level participants who are looking to show off their advertising skills to potential employers.


6. Advanced SEO Program, Simplilearn

The digital marketing online course from Simplilearn focuses on some of the core aspects of digital marketing like SEO and inbound marketing. By pursuing this course, you can master various facets of digital marketing, including on-page and off-page SEO, link building, content marketing, web analytics, etc. What’s more, is that you’ll have access to high-quality content, case studies, and mentoring sessions by industry experts.


7. Digital Marketing Specialization, Coursera

This course is beneficial for all the digital marketing novices out there. This is what you’ll learn by pursuing this marketing specialisation certification from Coursera:-

  • Digital marketing analytics
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Social media marketing

The content is, of course, tailored to provide a solid foundation of the new digital marketing landscape. So, there’s a high possibility that you can land a well compensating job after completion.


8. Digital Marketing Nanodegree, Udacity

When it comes to Udacity, the platform is offering two varieties of digital marketing online courses. One, where students can self-engage right after graduation and second, wherein they’ll be exposed to specific skills so participants can face any trouble concerned with the digital space. What you can learn:-

  • Content Strategy
  • Display Advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Marketing Fundamentals
  • Metrics with Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media Advertising with Facebook


9. Masters in Digital Marketing, Digital Marketing Institute

This program is one of the lengthiest in the bunch. It is a 112-week program that consists of 60 hours of the digital marketing course content which is imparted via video lectures, downloadable slide presentation and 5000-word assignments. Not only just that, but this course also includes a 15000-word thesis that supports deep learning via industry mentors and a series of webinars. So needless to say, this is a comprehensive digital marketing online course.


10. Inbound Digital Marketing Course, Hub-spot Academy

If you are looking for a technical digital marketing course, then this is the ideal program for you. This course from Hub-spot can help you analyse all the tricks and techniques in the book, along with inbound marketing techniques that can help you in understanding the roots of digital marketing. Each and every concept of the domain is explained in detail, so you are prepared to face any kind of challenges related to the digital media.


Choose the Program that Meets all Your Requirements

Whether you are at the outset of your career or you’re an already established working professional looking to hone their skills, there’s something for everyone on this list of courses. So, go through each course’s curriculum carefully, consider your career goals and learning style before signing up for one.




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