“You know what guys, we should get into Content Marketing.”


“Content Marketing is the way to build our brand, people.”


“What we need is Content Marketing, look how amazing Flipkart has gotten at it!”

Content Marketing course


If you were part of meetings where such phrases were commonly used, then this is for you.

Content Marketing is everyone’s favourite digital marketing buzzword. While popular belief may be that the label is new, the actual notion of marketing content isn’t quite so.


Your organization probably has been making content for years now. Traditionally, it was surveys, newsletters and reports. But with the advent of digital, websites, blog posts etc. were added to the list. Basically, the power of content was used to keep the existing customers happy.


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What’s new though is the tactical focus of content marketing in generating more leads, spreading brand awareness and helping audience growth. Roles are being created in Content Marketing and teams restructured across a diverse range of industries. Various disciplines like editorial, PR, social media and SEO are coming together to focus on one marketing strategy. If you are looking to build your career in this domain, sign up now for PG Certificate Program in Media & Entertainment Management from MICA, else read on.


The current trend is that companies hand out Press Releases and pay to get featured on various platforms. But it’s not quite working in their favour. So here’s what you do: Don’t just churn out Press Releases. Move to quality content.


‘Quality’ is the key to successful content marketing. Thanks to the impact of Social Media and a rapid increase in the number of channels – it’s easy to market across. Social Media is a good platform for engagement and sharing content as part of a larger content marketing strategy. Companies that make use of this enjoy improved ROI, greater traffic, and higher positive brand awareness.


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However, the strategy will tank if you are not putting out content that people would be interested in sharing with others. Learn to create engaging content and help your brand communicate better with PG Certificate Program in Media & Entertainment Management from MICA. Fill in your details and we’ll call your back with more information about the course.



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