Big Data. Analytics. These are words that are defining the way in which organizations are functioning currently. Take a comprehensive data analytics certification course and it will share how the demand for skills in this space is growing – rapidly and by leaps and bounds. We know that this is now going to be the most sought after role or job space in the years to come.

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Why is there such a sharp increase in big data analysts in India?


Let’s take a closer look to find out.

Fits in with every industry 

Every industry is focusing on how to use big data for business and people decisions. The power of analytics is being explored and harnessed by companies from all spaces and even all sizes. That translates into a range of jobs being created within each sector, for which individuals with this expertise will be needed. It is also being forecasted that the rise in demand for these roles far outweighs the current supply. The role itself is not limited to a specific sector, even though it is a specific skill-set. That is causing a rise in demand for big data analysts. This is also from the perspective of hiring. While industry knowledge is important when a company looks to hire a big data analyst, having the specific skills are sufficient for them to be able to hire that person. This widens the talent pool immensely.


Start-ups growing in this area

Not only is India becoming the start-up hub, but it is also showing a huge increase in start-ups operating in the Big Data space. These are the ones which are also receiving funding and are showing a significant growth pattern. The start-up boom has also contributed to the demand for big data analysts and it is likely to continue increasing.


Data is important

Yes, this sounds obvious but in reality, before big data came in data was not perceived as an important tool for making a large scale and impactful business decisions. Data collection and collation was important, but data analysis to convert it into usable information was not that popular. Recently, organizations are realizing how the huge amount of data that resides internally and externally, can be leveraged and business can be made more viable. And that is why they now need analysts to make the data that is present, relevant and applicable.

Big data analyst is emerging as one of the “coolest” jobs in the Indian market today. A large segment of the younger workforce is looking to train and enter it in the years to come, to meet the market demand. 


Enrol yourself into an effective Big Data Analytics certification course and fast track your career in the rewarding domain of Analytics.


the importance of data analytics is getting a lot of attention in the business world, even in the government sector, in recent years.  Subsequently, the demand and salary for data analysts are skyrocketing, and it is one of the hottest jobs in the information technology arena. The latest assessment of Glassdoor finds that the national average salary of a data analyst is INR 404,660, with the highest point reaching INR 798,000. Quite impressive for a young professional, isn’t it? If you are wondering why they are paid so much, here are the reasons.


Data is Everything

It is not an exaggerated statement when we say data drives the business in the current scenario. Each and every executive decision is data-oriented these days. From product design to advertorial campaigns, consumer behaviour to market trends, HR to pay packages, data plays a major role in every crucial business decision. The job of a data analyst plays a larger role in the organization than merely collecting, processing, and performing statistical analysis of data.


Shortage of Talents

It is not that easy to find the right talent in data analysts’ jobs, although there are many young professionals aiming for a bright career as a data analyst. The individual should be proficient in technical aspects like data mining and analytics; have a thorough understanding of statistics, and should be passionate and knowledgeable about the domain in which the business functions. Frankly, it is hard to find individuals with all the required skill set and data analyst certification. This dearth of real talent makes the right ones avail huge pay packages.


Futuristic Expectations

Considering the growing realisation about the power and possibilities of data analysis, Indian companies are investing hugely in bringing development in the field. Data mining and analytics are considered to be growth triggers, which in turn is increasing the demand for professionals undergoing data analytics training. Another triggering factor for the increase in salary and demand of data analyst is the emergence of e-commerce companies who are accumulating large and varied sets of data. The expertise of data analysts is required for them to derive useful insights and open up better revenue opportunities.

 For data analysts who want to take advantage of the growing demand, it is recommended to be proficient in data analytics certification. Make your move right now!


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